• My culture My Africa vol 14.

    Many cows were the sign of being opulent with Zulu culture before money in the bank accounts took over. Cow would play an important role in the Zulu people’s lives to provide food at home and ancestry communication when slaughtered. Women were forced by their parents to marry men who have large amounts of live […]

  • My culture My Africa vol 13.

    Zulu people myths and beliefs Zulu people have their own set of myths and beliefs. Owl is a most hatred bird with Zulu people. This bird is regarded as a bird that bring about misfortune when it came and rest in your yard over the night. It also believed that sorcerers are using this bird […]

  • My culture My Africa vol 12

      What were the tasks that were done by the Zulu women? There were many house chores women would do to meet responsibilities of their families in the past. Excelling in those tasks, would score some many points to any man who want to settle down with such women of an active nature. These tasks […]

  • My culture My Africa vol 11.

      Famine was not appearing in Zulu people vacabulory because they could work the land to grow vegetable and maize. South African people nowadays are starving like leeches while soil is before their eyes. Food prizes are ever increasing in the shelves especial fresh produce. Agricultural works are now done by the white people to […]

  • My culture My Africa vol 10.

    We should all accept and welcome transformation to move with times, but we should not forget our tribal customs and habits to connect with “Mvelinqangi.” I grew up in the rural areas where there is no any infrastructures. Hospitals and clinics were fairy tales in the area. We would depend on certain herbs to cure […]

  • My culture My Africa vol 9

    A cow was a useful asset in the lives of Zulu people in South Africa. It would satiate most of their households needs and wants. Zulu people would construct their huts using mud and wood. Certain type of soil was used to plaster their houses to last for many years. Those huts were polished using […]

  • Laugh and live long

    Always opt for thrillers over comedies? Switch up your viewing habits. Recent studies show that indulging your sense of humour can help you live a longer, healthier life. Laughing not only eases stress, promotes social bonding, and lowers blood pressure, but it may also boost your immune system. Plus, humour becomes more important for people […]

  • My culture My Africa vol 8

    Respect is the main traits of a Zulu person. It starts from the words a person speaks when communicating with other people. Respect were taught during childhood to speak humanly. I grew up in that tradition and there are some words that still give me the creeps when I accidentaly pronounced them because of its […]

  • ANC prowess might be instrumental to unify Africa

    ANC (African National Congress) has some capabilities to deal with political and ethnical instability in Africa as a whole. ANC is a political party that fought successfully with many injustices existed during the apartheid era in South Africa since 1912 – the year it was founded. It fought against pass laws, when unarmed protestors were […]

  • Hygienic excrement disposal keep many bacterias at bay.

    The loo, the W.C., the lavatory, the privy, the porcelain god — while it goes by many names, the toilet — one of life’s most mundane objects — plays a fundamental role in society. Yet more than a third of the world’s population lacks access to even a basic pit latrine, and the problem may […]

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