Point In View

Robert Mgabe – Zimbabwe

Mr Robert Mgabe left the first lady: Grace Mgabe behind when he came to South Africa for the bi- national commission between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

I respect Mr. Robert Mgabe, he is a partriot of his country, he fought for his country against western countries exploitation.

Leaving his wife behind, raises some eyebrows about his wife and the whole family behaviours.

I think the first lady should respect her position by not involving herself into the behaviours that degrade her dignity as the first lady of Zimbabwe.

It does not sound well if the first lady is associated with drunken brawls and donating used brief to Zanu-PF supporters is unimaginable for the first lady to do.

Zodwa Wabantu

South Africa is a free country where anyone is free to do what he/she likes.

I think South Africa needs to revist rights people have as per its constitution to fight crime.

We always lament on the ever rising incidences of rape but there are some people who are free to  portray their assets to test men temptation.

If any man sees her assets and can’t have them, then it is dangerous.

What young children are assimilating in their minds when they watch deliberate nudity when there is no age restriction when they dance, and when their images are posted on social networks?

A man with his wife at the hospital

Touching and feeling her stomach when an infant is moving during pregnancy, brings joy to a caring man. Walking each other to the gynaecologist to have a scanner done on her during pregnancy, relieve your anticipation whether your baby is a male or female and healthy.

It is still a taboo for some of men to present themselves and watch while their babies are delivered at the labour wards. I am a man and believe me, I was there in the labour ward to share pains and happiness together with my wife when my daughter Fanelesibonge came into this world.

I also encourage and challenge any man to present themselves as well to the labour ward to support their women when they deliver their babies. Any woman during this period needs all the support she can get from her man.

She is the woman you chose out of many women out there, be there for her through thick and thin.

Do not only be bound by the marriage vows to be there for your female partner, just be there by her side all the time because you love her.

Commit ones hearts before marriage to love one another truthfully.

Tie her shoe laces, if her tummy is big enough not to reach them.

Most of men run away when their female love partners fall pregnant, these are the irresponsible men who leave their women at – their devices during such period.

It is very common for your woman to develop a postpartum depression but standing by her side all the time do alleviates such sadness.

John Shelby Spong – North Calorina.

His name is John Shelby Spong, he was born on the 16th June 1931. He was born in Charlotte, North Calorina, USA. He is a retired bishop of Epicospal church.

It is very difficult to fathom what John is saying. It raises some many question behind a person who compiled a bible.

Are we a lost nation because of bible? I mean, bible was introduced by a white man in Africa, we never knew about Genesis, Exodus, Hebrew, etc. We only knew Mvelenqangi as our God.

It is quite puzzling if those people who introduced a bible in Africa oppose its teachings again.

I think Africans should go back to their basics and respect their cultures in diversity.

John Shelby Spong, divulged a secrete that has been concealed all these years to exploit Africa using a bible.

Introduction of bible in Africa, made our God: Mvelinqangi to turn His back towards us. We are the natives of Africa but our land is swarmed by foreigners who steal this land furtively.

There comes a time where we will be evicted from our native land by the foreigners because they now own our soil.

King Zwelithini Zulu

This is my king Zwelithini Zulu whom I respect and honour much high.

African countries were meant sovereign in monarchies but western countries implemented presidential system to govern countries.

There are two countries that are governed by the monarchies system, I know of, that is Swaziland and England. KwaZulu Natal IFP tried to implement such system post apartheid era during 1990’s, but ANC disturbed those plans as Prince Mcwayizeni Zulu joined a ruling party.

Chiefs are not much taken into consideration in parliament when policies are drafted, figuratively, they do not have a say onto their people.

I strongly believe that if Africa had been governed by the monarchies, we would not have been exploited by the Western countries one way or the other.

Mvelinqangi gave us leaders to rule us such king Shaka, Cetshwayo, etc. It is a fact that during their reign, there were no hunger, and deadly diseases as nowadays.

We left our practises and adopted the Western ones and we find ourselves lost in the middle.

Mvelinqangi has distance himself from us.
Zulu people were very rich before a white man came to steal our livestock, now we have to buy from their farms, buying our very own possessions.

We have nothing to be claimed as ours because even land has been taken away from us.

We need to do our homework and detect, what went wrong and reconnect with Mvelinqangi, I believe all these ordeals we see and experience nowadays, would come to an end.

We would live on fresh produce and cultivate the land. Food we eat nowadays tempers with hormones men are becoming women, women are becoming men. In Zulu history, we never heard or had gays and lesbians because food we ate was fresh originated from Nomkhubulwane.

We no longer offer fresh produce to her hence she is not blessing us with rain and good life.

A black man is easily swayed by all sort of winds, he flows with it to his detriment. Our traditional attire makes a person to shine bright but we are wearing aliens clothing.

It is very difficult to go back to ibheshu or isidwaba, but we need to report such changes in our bodies because Mvelinqangi is not recognising us in them.

If king Shaka can wake up from his grave, he would not recognize us either, he would search for the people he last saw when he died.

We have cried to Jesus Christ, nevertheless HIV/AIDS, cars calamities, wild fires, cancers are killing us. Let us burn the incense and speak to our ancestors and offer fresh produce to Nomkhubulwane to reconnect with Mvelinqangi.

Why we do not have our own documented rules by our own kings, while we are lamenting that justice is unfair. We are convicted and tried based in the laws that were developed in London, Britain, Scotland, etc.

A black man is a robot of the Western countries, that is operated by remote in their hands. Constitution and relevant policies documents in South Africa are related to the bible, they were made to suppress a black man and to exploit him entirely.

Why a king’s set of his own laws are not taken into consideration when laws are drafted in parliament? It is because Western countries they do not want kings to stand in their ways to exploit a black man.

Bhejane phuma esiqiwini has pronounced on corporal punishment, that children must be whipped to correct them in line.

It seems as if parliament’s and king’s rule clash because it abolished corporal punishment at school, now westernised people in South Africa require a king to apologize for making such statements.
Point In View, says king should not apologetic, we are his people to be led by him, he has a right to make laws to regulate the nation of Jama.

This westernised parliament in South Africa has done great havoc to the nation, but no one to be apologetic about that.

When I was still at school, teachers would punish us and there was no teenage pregnancies as nowadays.

These rotten policies drafted in parliament encourage young children at age 12 and 13 to have sex by giving them condoms and there is no one to apologise for that matter. 

Children no longer respect teachers at school, they do not do their school work, they are failing, they dropped out of school, they become hooligans and smoke drugs, they become criminals because they are not flogged at school and South African government is happy about that.

Children hit teachers instead and if a teacher hit that child back, he/she is dismissed with an immediate effect and again SA government applauds for that.

Parliament rules have failed a nation at length, it is the time we go back to our basics and allow a monarchies to take over to mend what is being broken by the western countries.

Our king Zwelithini is very on point, children must be whipped and he must not apologise.

African leaders in government they tend to hold onto their position for lengthy term, for example Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, his tenure began on the 18th April 1980. Paul Biya of Cameroon, his tenure began on the 30th June 1975. Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, his tenure began on the 3rd August 1979.

These presidential long terms speak a high volume that African countries were meant to be ruled by the monarchies.

Jacob Zuma – President of South Africa.

As much as we have presidents in Africa, they are the leaders of their respective countries.

It is very dangerous not to respect leaders in the country.

Country can not move forward economical and political if leaders are not honoured.

Degrading a leader’s dignity is a syndrome that kills a country he/she represents local and international stance.

Africa should deal with an issue of respect in priority because African leaders are not respected.

Different political parties’ views should not resolve to unethical and non-political affiliations.

Mr. Jacob Zuma, is an African leader and he deserves respect.

Mr. Jacob Zuma has borne a full brunt of disrespect and insults from all the corners of South Africa with no clear motives.

Political manners are beneficial to the professionalism of a political party itself and the country for worldly investors to come and invest without fear.

South African parliament is behaving like street hooligans with no taste of professionalism to demolish trust at the investors.

Durban – South Africa

Durban streets are not safe to drive or walk in Summer. Cars and people were washed away. It bizarre that a big city like Durban does not have enough drainage to conduit water into the correct channels.

This is not a first incidence this city flooded by the rains but an issue of drainage is not receiving attention.

I like to go to Durban but since their streets are not safe, I only visit this city during Winter to avoid being washed away.

When we do not have engineers with expertise to build our road safe, I think that calibre should lent from the well developed countries.

I always drive with my family and can not imagine me and them being washed away by the current in our roads.

I guess it would be wise to carry a life jacket to avoid drowning at the South Africa streets and high ways.

Municipalities in South Africa are useless, roads in the cities and town are fraught if potholes – and not in good conditions to drive.

Suzuki Jimny Adventures.

This is a miniature 4×4 vehicle in the game, but sturdy. Neither blowing my own whistle because I got one nor advertising it.

People who drive big cars would say, I can topple over this small rat easily on the bends, but it can overturn your negativity prior.

This is a cheap car to drive offroad and onroad effectively. Many cars that have such capabilities cost arm and leg.

It is efficient on fuel, tank becomes full to its capacity that would set you back R400.00 only, remember it is 1.3 engine car but robust when driving on the dirty road and can speed when driving on road.

It has a diff lock, that means you are hardly stuck despite availability of traction or not.

This is not a car convenient for speeding but at 180 km per hour it can take you wherever you want.

If you are into camping, this car is good for you because its chairs are adjustable to hits the sack at night and rest as in sofa during a day.

This car does not affected when hit a pothole accidentally. It has a lifetime filter, that is irreplaceable.

If you are looking for a cheap 4×4 car, fuel efficiency, own one and travel the God’s country.

I am concerned about this man: Macky Sabala Sabala Og, I do not know where is from but his statement gave me the creeps.

He claimed that he was watching porn with a 3 year old baby. I fail to understand what crowd of people are we having nowadays.

Where is the conscience? This world is confirmed inhabitable, it is better to live with lions and mambas than human beings.

I am saying this because cannibalism is also rife, human being body parts are carried in bags like a chicken braai packs to be boiled and devoured.

People excavate tombstone and steal bodies, ash from the cremated bodies are mixed with certain drugs and smoked.

A question is what happened to the spirit of u Buntu.

Mothers should take their babies with them, not leave them in the hands of strangers. This fool took an advantage of the absence of her mother to molest a baby.

Police force and justice system fail to protect community in South Africa hence people sometimes take law in to their hands to punish such criminals.This is not recommended but this behaviour is intolerable.

As much as you do not trust anybody with your money, do not trust any one with your baby to look after while you away, rather take her with you because such fools would harm her/him.

Mgqumeni Khumalo – South Africa

If you are a Zulu man and woman such traditional music complements your being. It confirms your origins solid. Hailing from the remote areas of Nkandla, made me to taste all the flavours of my culture.

As a country man, I herded cattle as a small boy, I played stick fighting, I made advances to the Zulu maidens in the rivers, I wore beaded waist laces when she conceded defeat to the gift of gab in me,  I wore brentwood pants and gold necklaces.

I am still attending cultural ceremonies to eat meat with another men and stomp my feet to the clap and rhyme of cultural songs when Zulu men sings.

I hardly see men with such basics nowadays. I only see mediocre men who allow another men to bonk them, men who does not burn an incense to liaise with his forefathers, men who rapes, men who abuse their wives, men who take pleasure to collect human heads for muthi, men who eats human flesh.

One of the main Zulu traits is to respect yourself and others despite young or old. Such traits have lost into thin air, Western churches are failing to restore those cultural traits we grew up abiding by, but instead people are behaving like animals in their existence.

This is a story appeared on the Daily Sun of 16th October 2017

I just want to mention that Nelson Mandela is a hero for mere nothing. Figuratively, he sold our land to the white people.

When Steve Biko died in his cell and Robert Sobukwe died in his house arrest, why Nelson Mandela and the rest could not die in their cell during apartheid era.

When Nelson Mandela came out of prison on the 11th February 1990 he preached about forgiveness towards enemies, by this he made a black man to submit towards a white man to be reaped off entirely.

British and boers took land from the black people without any compensation. In 1906 boers forced a black man to pay a poll tax of which they resolved to work in their farms to settle such tax.

King Bhambatha Kamancinza Zondi opposed poll tax and staged a war against a white man.

When Bhambatha defeated and convicted for rebelling white gorvernment, land was stolen in Greytown – KwaZulu Natal by the white man.

Therefore a boer or white man does not have a land in South Africa or in Africa.

This Farmer: John Langerman, need to be evicted from the land, it does not belong to him, we can not suffer in our soil.

I support CIC Juluis Malema on the land expropriation without compensation because our land has been exploited by the western countries.

I do not understand why we should compromise with whites to return the land, whereas they took it from us by force.

A black man need hold hands and stage a fierceful fight to take the land by force as well.