White farmers are massacred in South Africa almost every year. Land issue in South Africa is still a bone of contention between blacks and white people.

Today, white farmers came out in numbers to protest against such killings by wearing in black and labelled this day as ‘black Monday’ to vent their anger against white farmers massacres.

Black people have been fighting for their land rights ever since white settlers came to South Africa or Africa.

Zululand became colonized in 1893 after king Cetshwayo was defeated by the British army at Ulundi in 1879 after an anglo Zulu war at Isandlwana on the 20th January 1879 that claimed many lives of Chelmsford’s soldiers.

It is very truthfully that land in Africa belongs to its native, nevertheless white farmers killings should be discouraged, land expropriation should be done amicably.

White people who snitched away the land in Africa passed on long time ago, their offspring should be told that, large acres of land before their eyes do not belong to them and land expropriations negotiations should begun to compensate Africans.

White farmers killings are barbaric and uncalled for in this day and age. Crime is affecting us all in South Africa.

Minister Fikile Mbalula mentioned that white farmers killings are emanating from their negligence of employing illegal immigrants to work in the farms for cheap labour, subsequently they kill them in return and disappear into thin air when SAPS tries to trace those culprits.

White people stole our land but differentiating political versus crime killing motives, is hard to tell at this juncture of sky rocketing crime in South Africa.

Minister Mbalula was lamenting on illegal immigrants that are the source of criminal activities in the country but laws that regulate illegal foreigners to enter into the country are not stern, they wander South Africa as they please.

Economy recession might haunt South Africa again due to land expropriation. Remember GDP of the country is made up mainly by agricultural industry.

When land is entirely returned to blacks ownership, do we have enough capital machinery and skills to cultivate the land?

It is utmost important to consider own abilities to work the land when we think about land expropriation because some would think about constructing shacks that would bear nothing on the Gross Domestic Product of South Africa to create jobs.

Land that were confiscated through colonialism can be rented by white farmers to compensate ravages caused by their forefathers to the South Africans.

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