CIC Julius Malema

EFF, CIC Julius Malema, has lashed out on the SAPS by not using rubber bullets to disperse #Blackmonday white farmers protestors in Tshwane – South Africa.

“This is nonsense that the white Afrikaners were doing here in Tshwane on Monday, we do not support such nonsense.

What was even worse is that police officers are so scared of white people, instead of shooting at them with rubber bullets, they were taking the phones of white people and shooting them photos while they were disrupting the city of Tshwane.”Malema said.

SAPS took some photos of protestors

Afrikaners took their anger to the street about the rampant killings of farmers around South Africa. Many South Africans were disgruntled when SAPS could not responded as usual to fire rubber bullets to disperse any unlawful protesting.

Malema, complained about unfairness by police officers that shoot rubber bullets to disperse black protestors but pose to take some snaps with white protestors.

He also vented his disgruntlement to a minister of police in South Africa: Fikile Mbalula who rubbed salt into his wounds by saying he lowered security because white protestors neither incinerate nor demolishing any properties.

#blackmonday protest left indelible setbacks on grade 12 students who could not able to write their final year examination.

Africa colonization by white people, transmitted to psychological colonization in the minds of black South Africans.

I am saying this because many black people regard a white person as God. A group of 30 black people of the same clan mother tongue language, choose to interact in English to accommodate 3 white people amongst themselves.

Mind colonization is more perilous than country colonization because we do not loose the land only, but we are killing our own true identities.

Working environment that comprises race across spectrum, is very excruciating because ill-treatment is emanating from our fellow brother or sister who always attempt to captivate his/her white man superior’s eye in South Africa.

Psychological expropriation should take place to precede land expropriation in South Africa, in that manner everything that belong to us would be returned.

Hope is still existing in the land of our forefathers if CIC Malema ideologies appear through a heavy mist of exploitation in the daylight by the western countries.

#blackmonday, had a negative impact on South African people who were rushing at school and work, nevertheless it was music in the ears of SAPS and South African government as a whole.


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