A rainbow nation a term that was coined by Desmond Tutu post 1994 apartheid era, has borne no fruit to make all races in South Africa to see eye – to eye.

Nelson Mandela seems to have failed to address ravages of the past that were caused by a white man in South Africa.

I believe Nelson Mandela could have played an important role to address land issue in South Africa.

He suppose to cure the wounds of many black South Africans to get back their land, but he chose to put some bandages over those oozing wounds without cleaning them and heal them properly and purported everything is fine by only preaching forgiveness towards our enemies.

Rainbow nation and forgiveness towards enemies, suppose to pre-empt land expropriation in South Africa but power – enabled people in the likes of Nelson Mandela shunned away.

White minority are still possessing huge acres of land, while majority of black people are compacted and squashed into a small piece of land to suffer.

Question is that, why we suffer in our own land? Why are we not allowed to roam our land freely? Why we are still called monkeys and baboons by the white people in South Africa.

It is also very disturbing when white archaeologists spreads some propaganda that a black man descends from apes. http://www.sahistory.org.za/article/pre-1500

Mrs Ples, monkey ancestor of black people in Africa.

These lame and poor discoveries of skeletons and the skull of Mrs Ples, dated 3000000 years ago, tarnishes a black man dignity and image that are apes descandants.

If we were originated from monkeys, baboons and apes, why such animals are still existing because they supposed to have became extinct 3000000 millions yeas ago when evolution took place.

We hardly hear where a white man originates from, but these blatant lies of a black man being a monkey descendant, flavours their tongues’ testing buds.

Waving of an apartheid flag by white farmers during their #black Monday protest, implies that racism will never end in South Africa.

Exchange of insults from the two sides viz. Black and white people in the social media, speaks the high volume that facade “rainbow nation” term never materialised.

It is very awkward that a black man in South Africa, is the only person who always seek for truce, equal rights, rainbow nation and forgiveness from the white people whereas they do not care about that.

Black South Africans feels like foreigners in their own native land.


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