Mud schools in South Africa.

There is a colossal gap between urban and rural areas education in South Africa. I attended primary and high school education in the rural area.

These schools could not have some labs where practical experiments were conducted, everything and anything were based on a theory.

Urban primary and high school scoop all the benefits of having wordly infrastructures that are instrumental towards an educational development of any child.

Theological subjects are complemented by experiments that are seen through a naked eye.

It is quite bizarre that some rural areas schools are still deprived of those educational infrastructures that help learners to assimilate various subjects with an ease.

We completed matric without computer literacy, challenge would begin when struggling for months to manoeuvre a cursor using a mouse at college or university.

Existance of such medieval education system at this day and age in South Africa, is quite puzzling while an economy is detoriorating.

Curing sickening economy of South Africa requires fully fledge educational system given to leaners despite geographical dermacations.

Rural area teachers, have failed us immensely and they still fail to produce professionals hailing from such places under their arms.

Teachers who taught me during primary and high school level of education, failed to examine my pontentials and channel me in accordance with expertise I portrayed during school days.

They could not even assist me to obtain information about how to get enrolled at the universities.

I urge all the rural areas teachers to determine each learner’s capabilities and channel them into a correct career guidance.

They must also inform their leaners about how to get bursaries and loans to further their studies.

South African economic stance, calls for an absolute financial support across all barrier lines of discrimination.

Financial aids should not be orientated to the certain individuals who passed their exams with flying colours only but even those who failed dismally should be also get financial support to further their studies to contribute towards an economic growth of this country as well.

I once was a leaner at primary school where teachers would hail out the names of pupils who did well with their examination. Appearing on the top ten, was everyone dream but we are human beings and we are not similar in terms of abilities, some people are genius by birth than others.

I would get offended if my name was not anchored among those learners who got through and cry sometimes.

Top ten call outs at school was made to encourage poor average to perform above average but it also perilous because a leaner might suffer severe depression to commit suicide as well.

Such accreditation may discourage learners to put more efforts because they are not noted by teachers, they would regard themselves as failures.

Even publishing matric results on the national newspaper in South Africa is encouraging suicides among those matriculants if they are not appearing on the list.

Everyone wishes his or her name to come out in the newspaper to attain fame among peers, if everything goes awry, whole world crumbles down into pieces.

These lame announcents of learnes who did well by the teachers or media should stop to encourage every and any child to further his her education to pursuit their careers towards South African absolute economic growth.

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