“iphaphu” boys.

Practising of African traditional customs has been seen as satanic or evil practices by the western countries and they introduced their customs to ursup our own.

Furnace erupted when we casted our customs into the pit deep ends, such furnace from the angry as wasp ancestors gutted and consumed to route us all.

When man slaughters a cow, his acumen is required to identify each meat portions’ purposes and allocate them accordingly.

Cow’s head is devoured by men as heads of their respective homesteads while cow’s thigh is allocated to women, head is top while thigh is below.

Slaughtering of cattle as per the Zulu culture, does represents Zulu families structures as well, it is not just a feast where everyone indulge on any meat portions, meat is allocated as per universal structures of any Zulu families out there.

I have visited many Zulu traditional ceremonies, they do execute everything accordingly but I hardly see a meat portion called “iphaphu” in Zulu, lungs in English, that meat belongs to the small boys who are assigned to host their small traditional ceremony in the outskirts of homestead that slaughtered a cow.

Why is it crucial to give that meat to the boys? Ancestors inhabit your home internally, but some of them they hardly get inside your house because of various reasons.

These boys conduct their traditional ceremony outside your home to braai that meat and invite those ancestors that live astray to eat and dance with them in the wilderness.

When those boys’ ceremony is done, they sing a Zulu traditional song to bring those ancestors at home.

Iphaphu is now cooked to be served and that cause an anger towards those ancestors who live in the wild that wish to be welcomed in.

Many people slaughter some cattle and offer to their ancestors but nevertheless bad lucks haunts them because they no longer give iphaphu to the boys and host their own ceremony outside your house.

Cow’s heart and lung is given to the boys and they go to the wild. When they get to the wild, they make a fire and roast iphaphu. Iphaphu would be eaten by everyone but there is a meat called “ubhedu” that would devoured by a boy who defeated all other boys through stick fighting.

That meat is from the cow’s heart and is opened for a competition among boys. A boy who defeated all boys, would have a right to organise fights and lead the boys. He then qualifies to be among men that eat meat in the kraal.

He can be also be challenged by boys who eat iphaphu in the wild, if he is defeated, he then relagated to stop eating at the kraal and join the boys in the wild.

Compiled by: Sizwe Mkhize.

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