“There are no real men nowadays, real man would wear ibheshu (Zulu traditional attire) and sit under the shade of a tree in the yard of his homestead.” These were the words uttered by an old man I met in my area as he was lamenting about civilized men that have forgetten where they are coming from.

Zulu culture is enshrined with nourished traditional principles and regulations that were used to guide a person throughout his or her life prior government constitution or bible.

An old man told me that nowadays men are getting killed much easily because we have forgetten our basics and adopted aliens cultures. “We have left our position as men and women that were designated by our culture.” He said.

This old man told me that it is not in line with a Zulu culture if a man sleeps with his wife during her menstruation period. This was a reason that made our forefathers to go and sleep with his cattle in the kraal.

It is not even allowed for his wife during menstruation period to prepare his food or anything.

He said sharing a bed with a menstruating woman or if she prepares food during such period, a man becomes frail to be attacked with any sorts of deseases and he might be prone to all sorts of accidents as well.

Bigamous Zulu men are resulting from that belief that if he got ten wives, they won’t have same menstruation period concurrently. If one of his wives is on mensturation period, he would alienate himself by visiting others who are not menstruating.

If a man is not into a bigamuos relationship he would choose to sleep in the kraal with cattle until his wife’s menstruation periods are over.

This old man advised me that it is very difficult to mantain bigamous relationship nowadays, but a real man should have two beds to allow himself to sleep alone if my wife is menstruating.

He also said thrusting yourself in between her legs everyday, deters ancestors to bless you during the night, alienating yourself someday to sleep alone as man allows ancestors to bless you because they hate any body defilements.

Compiled by: Sizwe Mkhize.

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