Nomkhubulwane: Rain god.

Weather conditions are detoriorating in South Africa and we should expect even worse.

Severe drought consequences, are still prevalent around all parts of South Africa. Farmers has borne full brunt of drought as their live stock and fresh produce have been affected.

When scientists alerted that South Africa is running out of water a couple of years ago, I thought they were just talking a fairy tale.

I then noticed a gigantic river in the rural area where my home is reducing its banks and revealed its beneath brown rocks and became pale white. It became dried out gradually until not even beads left.

Drought has caused perilous havoc with fresh produce and meat hence South Africa is relying on imports to bridge a gap that caused by drought in the country. We have noticed prizes of such produce rocketting up in the sky.

Native South Africans have never experience such ordeal even before. Rivers and waterfalls with strong currents would meander through the bushes to complement a nature Mvelinqangi gave us. Healthy green vegatation has withered, rivers and waterfalls have stopped flowing.

I will then go back to the point I mentioned earlier on that Zulu people are the natives of South Africa and they are aware of their traditional customs and habits that were done to alleviate any discomforties prevails on the land.

Zulu people have strong channels of communication with their gods i.e. Mvelinqangi: Maker and Nomkhubulwane: a rain and water god.

When Spring has set in but no pouring as yet, well advanced women in the area would go to the river banks and cultivate a field for a rain god: “Nomkhubulwane or Inkosazane.” That field would be ploughed while they are nude.

They would then come home to celebrate such ceremony. On their way back before they get home, gust of winds would blow vigourously to collect clouds immadiately and pour down.

Nomkhubulwane: Rain god.

Spring water would never stop to pop out from the aquifers of the South African soil. Old women are get raped and coffers of aquifers have dried out as a result of all evil doings among people.

Zulu people were well known for farming, when fresh produce has been rippen, small quantities of millies and pumpkins were sacrificed to the rain god: Nomkhubulwane for her to eat and bless the fresh produce before any one can consume it.

Compiled by: Simo Nhlebela.


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