Ploughing using a span of oxen.

Famine was not appearing in Zulu people vacabulory because they could work the land to grow vegetable and maize.

South African people nowadays are starving like leeches while soil is before their eyes. Food prizes are ever increasing in the shelves especial fresh produce.


Agricultural works are now done by the white people to supply all the supermarkets around South Africa with fresh produce. When food prizes fall beyond our means, resolving to our own cultivating culture, can ease these heavy burdens that rests on – our shoulders.

We might not have those expensive agricultural equipment, but our own old method to cultivate the land was cost effective.

Span of oxen was used to pull a plough, which saves a couple of fuel gallons poured into a tractor tank.

Oxen are taught to pull a plough, this task is done by men. Women throw seeds into the soil and hide them using a hand plough.

Removing of weeds among crops.

When seedlings sprout out of the soil, care is taken to remove alien plants for the crops to grow healthy.

Maize is useful in any households in South Africa. Porridge, phuthu, etc. are made out of maize.

Using stone to crush maize into meal.

In the past stones were used to crush maize into meal. Grinding of maize on the stone, was only done by women.

It is very important to notice that, these tasks of home chores, kept everyone active. Ploughing and removing weeds from large acres of land, kept the body moving and blood flowing.

Rain from Mvelinqangi.

When seeds are thrown into the soil, Mvelinqangi gathers some cloud and let it rain. Cultivating the land, was one of the ways to communicate with Mvelinqangi.

It is a big curse if Zulu people are no longer cultivating the land. This curse is eminating from the birds because are always crying to Mvelinqangi about their hunger since fields are no longer cultivated.

Bird crying of hunger.

Drought that is existing in our country, results from such curse when birds are wailing to Mvelinqangi because of lazy people who no longer grow any crops.

Eating fresh produce from your own fields, may save your health by not eating chemicalised food.

Azibuye Emasisweni Projects.
Sipho Mkhize.

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