Drawing water from the river.

What were the tasks that were done by the Zulu women?

There were many house chores women would do to meet responsibilities of their families in the past.

Excelling in those tasks, would score some many points to any man who want to settle down with such women of an active nature.

These tasks were including drawing water from river. Many families that were built, when men would make some advances in the rivers because they knew women patronise such spots. Zulu love stories would begin in the rivers.

Cooking using wood fire and blowing.

Cooking has been a women’s game for centuries. Even with Zulu women would cook almost everyday for their families. Woods were used to make a fire to cook.

Blowing wind through their mouths, would make a fire grow strong to make any food well cooked. Food cooked in this manner, would sound tastier than food cooked on the electrical stoves. Power comes with its own set of chemicals to spoil the food, but woods make any food healthy.

Collection of woods from the jungle.

Zulu women, would also collect woods from the jungle. Bundles of woods would be tighten up and placed on their heads.

Grass roof thatching.

Women have a tremendous skills to weave, they would also use that skills to thatch a house with grass.

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