Zulu people love relationship would start from the river where water is drawn.

A man would find many reasons to go down the stream that meanders through the bush to make some advances to the lady that captivates his heart.

If a lady is beautiful, many men from the different tribes, would compete to win her heart. “Izimbangi” is a Zulu name refered to another men who are the competitors of any man that make advances to the same lady.

Men would use their gift of the gab to speak out their feelings to the lady. A man would make some advances to the lady of his choice for the couple of months and years, trying to win her heart.

It was believed that if a lady bulges too soon, she is an easy going. Conceding a defeat after a while, would test a man’s patience if his advances holds any water to her.

Sweet words from him, would make her sleepless at night and find many reasons to empty water containers to go back at the river all over again and meet with lover of her life.

She would give her beads ornament to say ‘yes’ to his advances.

When he managed to melt her heart, waist beads ornament would given to him as a sign of saying ‘yes.’

Ucu was worn by Zulu women around their waist.

“Ucu” is beads ornament worn around the waist of a Zulu woman during teen until becoming an adult.

“Ucu” is not taken off from the body anyhow. Ladies or girls who had no such ornament around their waist, would be held accountable about its whereabouts to their parents.

“Ucu” was an accolade for a man who managed to take her breath away by his confidence and gift of the gab.

Zulu young men would mount flags at home as a sign to show everyone in his area that he won a certain woman’s so other men should stop making advances to her.

He would then mount a flag at home to show everyone that he won her. It is important to notice the colour of a flag mounted.

Colours tell if that lady is a virgin or not. White means she is a virgin but red shows she is not a virgin.

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