Zulu warrior.

Zulu man who was not into stick fighting, was regarded as “igwala” coward in english. Some areas in Kwa Zulu Natal – South Africa banned stick fighting because it left many people paralysed or dead.

Stick fighting is dangerous if an opponent is beaten on the head. He can become unconscious if he could not able to avert whip using a shield.

Shield are made out of a cow’s skin, it comes with different sizes to protect yourself being flogged.

Zulu fighter or warrior brandishes two sticks. Shorter one is used to whip, long one is inserted through a shield to ward off opponent flogs away.

Long one is sharpened in the end to stab your opponent as well. Carrying sharpened long stick came under fire by many Zulu chiefs in the past and it became prohibited.

Fighters would carry blunt long stick that does not prick.

It is important to notice that Zulu men would be required to brandish fighting sticks everyday and wherever they go.

Carrying such sticks would work for their favour if a snakes, lions or leopards pounce on them along the way.

Carry your sticks.

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Sipho Mkhize.

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