What is igobongo?

Igobongo mixture.

Igobongo is a Zulu traditional healing system. Special herbs are mixed with water. Such mixture is producing a foam when stirred.

An ancestry call to become a traditional healer, requires a trainee undergoing igobongo initiation and graduate as isangoma.

Becoming a traditional healer is not based on your personal choices but ancestry spirits requirements.

There are another worisome spirits called. indiki ne ndawe

Indiki are the spirit of the dead. When a person committed a suicide or misbehaving on earth, would not be welcomed in the ancestry. He/she then becomes a ghost that wanders about.

Their spirits enter people and animals. When they enter human beings, they become indiki.

Indawe are the spirits of your mother’s family line. These spirits, cause bad luck and sickness if they are not attended to.

Two calabashes of igobongo must be prepared to cater indiki and indawe. Indawe calabash is put on the left while indiki one is settled on the right inside a roundavel house.

Igobongo mixture is drunk by the patient and these spirits drinks from him/her. It makes a patient to look beautiful or handsome when added into the bathing water.

Two goats are slaughtered to complete indiki and indawe initiation.

Mazibuye Emasisweni Projects.

Sipho Mkhize.

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