Zulu traditional beer.

Zulu Sorghum beer is called umqombothi. Umqombothi has been a thirst queenching beer for the Zulu people for centuries.

It is made out of wheat, maize meal and water. It left over night to ferment. There would be no Zulu ceremonies without a sorghum beer.

Zulu man muscles would be tested when he lifts up a huge calabash filled to its brim with a sorghum beer.

Colossal calabash full to its brim withy frothy sorghum beer, would test Zulu men muscles when lifted up to their lips when there is no room for frail men.

Umqombothi odour, enthralls ancestors and their small calabash called umancishana with a sorghum beer is offered to them to drink.

When a sorghum beer goes bad, it is always replaced with fresh one to keep an ordour fumigating ancestors presence.

Concoct your sorghum beer and please your ancestors.

Azibuye Emasisweni Projects.
Sipho Mkhize.

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