Ukusoma is to adopt sleeping methods to avoid intimacy.

When a Zulu woman has conceded to the man’s gift of gab in the river, arrangements are made to host a traditional celebration ceremony.

Various gifts are exchanged between the women’s and men’s family. Such ceremony makes the two superficial committed to each other before marriage.

This ceremony is done to formalise their relationship. It is done to hold a man responsible if she becomes pregnant.

Such commitment is of less important than marriage because she can easily leave a man in love with easily for another one or vice versa.

Intimacy is not advisable at this relationship. Woman would advised by her elder sister about ways of sleeping to avert his wishes.

‘ukusoma’ is where a woman sleeps facing away from him and fold your legs. In that manner he would be discouraged until they gey married.

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Sipho Mkhize.

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