Facial movements beliefs.

Believing in superstitions, has been around for years among different cultures around the world.

Zulu culture has a wide range of superstitious beliefs that are used to judge way of life. Today I just want to draw your attention towards Zulu people superstition belief on the countenance.

Ancestors talk through facial gestures to predict what is going to happen in your life. Paying attention to the slightest movement on your face, can inform what a day holds for you.

Upper eyebrows and eyelids.

Sudden jerk of your upper eyebrows or eyelids either left or right, signifies that good luck is coming your way on that day.

Lower eyelids.

Twitching of your lower eyelids either left or right, implies that misfortune is due to happen on you.

Nose and chin.

Fluttering of your nose or chin, tells you that something or somebody would pester you immensely.

Upper lip.

Quivering of your upperlip, denote that something would make you happy or you might be meeting one of your acquintances.

Lower lip.

Sudden slight movement on your lower lip, implies that something or somebody would make you cry.

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