Zulu men are mostly prohibited to wear a hat.

Zulu culture has evolved with times to set some stern rules even during modern times. For example, men are mostltly prohibited to wear a hat.

Hat is worn for many reasons, i.e. fashion or to protect yourself from the UVB sunburn. Hat can look good on your head but might be prohibited to worn during certain Zulu culture gatherings, i.e. traditional weddings, meetings, funerals etc.

Wearing a hat while entering someone’s homestead, is regarded as direspect towards ancestors of that person you pay a visit.

Hat is not worn while talking to your ancestors through an incense burning. Male child is prohibited to wear a hat when talking to an elder or around homestead.

Fine might results if a man wear a hat in the presence of Zulu chief.

Mazibuye Emasisweni Project.
Sipho Mkhize.

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