Death sentence.

‘I am groaning in agony, lying in the bed of death, anxious to know the cause of my ailments ever since myriad abdominal examinations was conducted on me a week ago.

Sad and incessant wailing, overhearing fathomless medical jargons, spoken by the doctors, myriad medical mixture odours – and high heel shoes footsteps of the nursing staff click-clacking along the hospital wards corridors. Phew! I hate this environment, my heart longs to be with my husband and children at home…………………..’

“Goodday, Mrs. Smith, I am doctor F Edward, your results are back. You have got a kidney cancer and apparently it has caused a tremendous havoc to your both kidneys, you will surely need a new kidney implant, yes only one is enough for you to live long as – you want.”

I felt a cold shiver meandering through my spine, my mouth trembled failing to utter any words at the doctor’s message.

In shock, I gazed at him, dumbfounded. “Mrs. Smith, I am sorry to bring such bad news to you, but cancer has already caused dire disaster to your kidneys hence such organ donation is a prerequisite, you have almost twenty days to live. Do you have any relative or friend in mind who can donate with his or her kidney to save your life?”

Tears welled up my eyes, beads of persperations rolled down my face……….. “Alright, I will leave you for now, but bring this matter to your family or friends attention, maybe one of them would come forward and donate an organ. Again, I am sorry to trouble you, bye!.”

‘Kidney implant and twenty days to live! This is not going to happen to me, I can not die, my children are still young. What I have done to deserve this? Lord please spare my life for my children’s and my husband’s sake……………..’

“My wife, I love you and no one who would donate an organ for you other than me.” These were the words my husband whispered into my ears when he visited me in the hospital on that day. “I have already signed the paperwork to donate for my one and only princess.”

I learned on him. “Doctor told me, I have only twenty days left to live and I can not die.”

“Stop crying my love, they diagnosed you with cancer and suggested an implant, of course they know their story, it would be just the few operations between me and you, thereafter we live a happy life again, actually I am glad that I am donating my organ to the person I love and hope that would intensify our marriage bond even further.”

‘I love my husband and he loves me too but if I die what would happen to him and my children………..?’ “How are my little angels, do they miss me?”

“Yes, they are…, Cathy prepared a pancake for her younger sister this morning and she bath her sometimes.”

“She does that?”

“Of course, she is playing to be a mother of the house in your absence.”

“Oh! Sweat, they are really missing me.”

“Yes, planning to take them to their granny since I am getting admitted tommorrow.

“Please give my regards to them, I love them so much.”

“Good, they love you too, I love you, lets do this…., I shall see you. Take care!”

We kissed each other fondly and he went away……

Night drew near, I closed my eyes and slept, I woke up in the middle of the night, all felt like a dream, a while I came into my senses, I could not stop the rain of tears that soaken my pillows wet……………….

I stayed awakened untill the morning.

“Hi wifey, how did you sleep.”

“Could hardly sleep.”

“Take it easy, are you ready?”

“Dunno! Are you ready? How are my angels?”

“I am ready, I will do anything for you my love…..Children!They are fine, took them to their granny, they were much happy to see her…………….”

“Mr. Smith,…. Please come….follow me.”

“Please, Doc just give me 2 seconds……., I love you…….”

“I love you too………..”

“I promise its going to be alright.”

I can not get over the kisses and hugs we had together. That sweet emotional moment was short to last only for the few seconds but worthed a while to comfort me…..

“Mrs Smith, two teams of physicians will work around the clock to make transplant possible between you and your husband…., Are you ready?”

“Yes, doctor.”

“We will take you to the theatre now to begin with operations, firstly I need to inject you….., If you can just turn a little bit…..”

A doctor could not inject me, but stabbed my whole body randomly. I tried to run away but abdominal pains halted my movement. Whole bed was seismic in shudder when my body shook convulsively while wailing.

“Wifey! Wifey! Wifey!”


“What are you doing, shaking and crying like that?”

“Oh! Dammit! I am having a bad dream.”

“Please wake up, you are running late for work.”

Taken from the Aquifers.

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