And I’ll stratch yours.

One day I drove pass a car that was parked beside the road, my conscience told me to stop, but I nomally do not stop at night. I reverse my car and lowered my window.

“Is everything alright?”

“No, my tyre got pierced by the sharp object and became deflated, but I know nothing about car other than driving it.”

“Do you have a sparewheel, madam?”

“Yes, I do, I have been trying to call roadside assistants, but no one has came as yet.”

“This is a dangerous spot for thieves, you will soon become their prey if you still hang around here.”

“Can you help me…”

I knew it, most of women, can drive but changing a tyre is another story. I took out my tools box and worked on his tyre.”

“I fixed your tyre, you may get going.”

“Thank you very much, God bless you.”

“Not at all, what is your name?

“I am Tamara Louis, and you are?

“David Mills, where are you heading to?

“In Johannesburg, anyway thank you for helping me, you have a good heart.”

“Alright, no problem have a safe journey.”

“You too, thanks.

She drove off and I left as well.

Two years later, I went to the bank in town to deposit some cash. I found long tedious queues when I got inside the bank.

“Hi! sir, how can we help you?”

“I am here to deposit some cash.”

“Alright sir join that queue.”

“Which one mistress.”

“Come, I will show you.”

I then followed her, but all these queues are long, I should spend the whole day in the bank while my business is left unattended.

“Please! Young lady can I ask a favour from you, listen I am here to deposit some cash and I am a businessman and my business can not operate if I am not around especial if I have to join these tedious long queues, can you please prioritise me.”

“We are not allowed to do that here, all these people are in a rush like you, it would be unfair to jump them, rather try to come earlier tommorow.”

“I can not come tommorrow, who is the manager of this branch, show me his or her office.”

“I do not think that would help you sir, but I can show you her office.”

She showed me her office, fortunately it was opened, I got inside.

“Good morning Sir, how can we help you.”

“What a coincidence, are you Tamara Louis that I know?”

“Yes, I am Tamara, I have a busy schedule today, how can I help you sir?”

“Do you remember me, your car broke down at night in the middle of nowhere, I am that guy who fixed your tyre.”

“It has been a while but I think I remember a bit, but what I can do for you today?”

“Look, I did explained to an assistant that, I am here to deposit some huge amount of cash and I find your queues much too long for m, I can spend the whole day here while my business is left unattended, as a result I request a priority.”

“Sir, I have already late for the meeting, I will refer to the person who can help you, please follow me.”

“Alright! Thank you, its quite strange that you can not remember that incindzwzence.”

“It has been a while, get inside that office, they will definately help you, thanks bye!”

“Thank you, once again.”

I got inside an office she refered me to and I found a gentlemen who was wearing smart formally and neatly.

“Good morning sir, how can I help you.”

“I was referred by Tamara to you. Look, I am here to deposit huge amount of money but queues are much too long for me to join, I am running a supermaket which demands my attention everyday, I can not spend the whole day here, can you please prioritise me first.”

“That would be very difficult sir, I am sorry I can not help you, as you know first come first served, you should have came earlier than that, have to join a line or come tommorrow sir.”

Taken from the Aquifers.

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