Paying a visit.

I love my wife and she loves me too, we have married for almost 10 years. God gave us four children, we are a happy family.

One day my wife told me that her mother fell sick with flu, she suggested we should go and see her, “we have to see her this weekend.”

We woke up on the Saturday morning, “wifey! I guess we should take this car, it is small but very economical on the fuel because we are going too far.”

“No! I think we should take that double cab, remember we need to buy some groceries in town.”

“I thought we would buy some little groceries, most important thing is to go and see her, I mean festive season busted our coffers, do we have enough money to buy much groceries?”

“I spoke with her yesterday, she said her fridge is empty, her visitors finished everything during that festive season you talking about, I will see what am I going to make some ends meet at this Janworry juncture.”

“How come you never inform me about that?”

“I am sorry, it just slipped my mind…, I think we should get going, time is not on our side ☺️”

We got into the car and we headed to town. We got off the car once we had arrived and went to the shopping centres.

We spent a couple of hours walking through the aisles. My heart sinks if I think about shopping, this is the moment I hate the most but I had no choice, I love my family, have to be around them everyday.

A trolley became full to its brim, but assistants helped us to load grocery into the back of the van. Our journey took almost two to three hours then we reached our destiny.

“I am glad to see you, I was just came down with flu, but I am recovering now, it was not that bad.”

“We also happy to see you alive and kicking, we have just came to check up on you mother.”

“Thank you my son, I even got a chance to see my grand daughters and grandsons, they are growing too fast.”

We spent the whole weekend and returned back to our own home. Three months later, I received some other news that my mother is having a running stomachache.

“Did my mother call you.”

“Yes, she did and she told me that she is sick.”

“That strange last time my mother inlaw was sick, today it is my mother?”

“They are well advanced, it is common for them to get sick.”

“I think we should go to see her tomorrow since it’s friday.”

“Alright, that would be a good idea.”

We got up in the morning and went to the guarage. “We will travel some long distance to home, I think we should use a small car, it’s more petrol savvy.”

“No, we should take a double cab, being compacted in a small car, is not cool for such a long distance and we need to do some groceries in town.”

“No! I do not think she need that much of the groceries, they got some I guess, why we are spending so much on the groceries when we visit our inlaws?”

“I called my mother inlaw yesterday, to give me the list of groceries she needs therefore he have to take a double cab.”

We got into the car and went to town once more to do some shopping.

History repeated itself once more, I do not think is there any real man out there who likes shopping, especial groceries, this is a women’s work, but when comes to pushing this heavy trolley infront of me, I guess they need a stronger muscle.

We loaded our van filled to its capacity and headed to my mother’s house.

She was very estatic to see us. “I just ate some half cooked meat, I think that was the reason I came down with a running stomachache, but I am better now.”

“You won’t believe that three months ago, my mother inlaw was sick with flu and we had to go -to check up on her as well, but she is fine now.”

“That’s good, some people react when the seasons change, my grandchildren are really growing up too quickly.”

“Yes, they are.”

We also spend the whole weekend at my mother’s house and we returned to our home could not get over splendid time we had there.

Compiled by the Aquifers.

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