Guilty conscience.

On the 20th January 1980, I was on my way to work when my side chick stopped me.

She got inside my car holding one month old baby. “You have to see what are you going to do with this baby, My parents can kill me if they can found out that I was pregnant. It is better because I could not kill her.”

She threw a baby in the back seat and she left. I am a married man, she was scared of her parents if they could find out about her pregnancy and I was not different from her because my wife could run haywire if she found out about this baby as well, therefore I do not want some dramas.

Many thoughts came flashing about what I was going to do with a baby. I did not want to harm her but at the same time did not want my wife to know about her.

I then decided to drive miles away with a baby. I saw a hospital by the road, I entered it and went straight to the baby’s bay, I joined the queue.

After a while I asked a lady I was following to look after my baby while I am going to the bathrooms. I then disappeared into thin air, this was evil I know, but I could not help it because our marriage could be at stake.

I proceeded to work and apologised for been late. After work I went home. A man who left the baby at the hospital was all over the news on tv, a footage was shown but it was very unclear to detect who that man was.

“This world is about to end, what made this man to leave a baby like that?”

“It is confusing wifey, where was the mother of this baby?”

“Poor baby.”

Twenty seven years later my son got a job and he told us about his women which he willing to lead to the altar.

“I met her when we were still studying and she is working as well.”

“That is good son we would love to meet her.”

“Yes son your mother is convinced, we would appreciate to see her.”

“Oh! That can be organised…I think tomorrow.”

We were sitting in the dining area, when my son came with his girlfriend.

“My dad and Mom, this is Anna Loius. Anna these are my parents.”

“It is nice to meet you Anna, what are doing for a living?”

“I am a teacher.”

“That nice, I was a teacher as well but I am retired. Hubby! Why are you so quiet, do you have anything to ask Anna.”

“I am not quiet, I was waiting for you to finish.”

“It is nice to meet you Anna, you look very young, when  were you born?”

“I was born on 12 November 1984.

“How do you know that?”

“My dad and mom told me so.”


Compiled by the Aquifers.

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