A plot.

Foiled plot to kill but my blood is still oozing through the bullets wounds dyeing white hospital bandaged red.

The phone rang hysterically in the lounge, I answered it “hello” there was no answer but I overheard two people talking, could not figure out how the lines got interconnected with my mine.

“I hope you have not forgotten your job you need to do today, at 20h:00 in the evening.”

“That one at no. 12 Avenue?”

“Yes, finish him off and annihilate his family as well.”

“Consider it done, Boss!

“Hello, who am I talking to…………?”

There was no answer and their call got cut. I told my wife about what I heard.

“Do you have enemies.” She asked.


“Who might be plotting to kill us, for what?, I suggest you call the police.”

“Officer! My name is David Taylor, I am calling from the no. 12 Avenue in San fransisco, my line somehow got interconnected with other lines, and I heard two people plot to kill at no. 12 Avenue at 20h:00 today in the evening.

“I am listening.”

“What startled me the most, is that our house is situated at the same location……..”

“So what can we do for you Mr. Taylor?”

“Can you come and watch over my family at this time?”

“How many no. 12 Avenues out-there in the world, Mr. Taylor?”

“I do not know.”

“Do you have enemies Mr. Taylor?”

“No that I know of.”

“Sir do not panic, I mean there are many no. 12 Avenues in the US only, those people I do not think they were referring to you, but if suspecting something by that time or anytime, do call us, we would respond immadiately.”

“You are not serious, are you? I am not talking about anybody here, I am talking about my family that is at stake right now.”

“Mr. Taylor you said that you do not have enemies, I do not see what the fuss is abou…………?

“Should I sit back and relax while heard such plot? You useless.”

She hang up on me, I took some few steps forward and came back confused.

“Did you find any assistance from the police.” Wife asked.

“No! We have to act on our own to save our lives.”

“I think you need to calm down, you do not have enemies and I do not have any. We neither sell drugs nor bank robbers, this plot belong to the people into such dealings. We are working for our survival……….”

“People these days, kill for your car, watch etc.”

A phone rang again as before

“Please do not answer it! So what are we going to do?” Wife cried.

I went to the bedroom and got a gun, as the time drew near and near, I sent my wife and children to the basement.

At 20h00 I saw two silhouete outside the window, I fired a couple of shots, one person fell on the ground. He shot me as well in the stomach. Two days later I woke up in the hospital.

“Mr Taylor you were shooting the police officers, we decided to come to your residence and we did give you a ring to inform you that we are coming, but could not reach you.

Worse part of it we thought a crimnal you told us about was fighting, hence we had to defend ourselves, but we glad you could not die. Anyway we wish you a speedy recovery.”

“Did I kill a police officer?”

“No we were wearing bullet proof vests.”

After they had gone I tuned on the television news. “Police foiled a plot to kill a businessman in Montana at no. 12 Avenue.

Police received a tip from an unidentified person who overheard their plot when his telephone line mistakably got interconnected with theirs.

Compiled by the Aquifers.

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