Bank job.

It was on the 4th November 1940, when I robbed a bank without bloodshedding. The reason why I needed to execute that job, was that I needed some money, a lot of money to look after myself and my family.

My name is William Brown, I was born in Canada – United State of America. I’m 35 years old, I got both parents of which God blessed them with only one child that is me.

Many people would think that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but thas was not the case. My family would lead an affordable life, my mother was a nurse and my father was a police officer, but they would afford my needs since I was only child.

I was 22 years of old when I robbed the bank. Though I was at that age, my physique was at the same size with my father, people would struggle to identify between me and my father.

One day, I stole my father’s identity document and payslip and I went to the bank. When I got at the bank, I approached a client service.

“I need a loan.”

“Loan of how much sir.”

“$ 30 299.00

“Give me your ID and a payslip.”


“Are you Mr. Benjamin Brown?”


“You have a good credit record, you may borrow up $ 81 944.00 please complete this form.”

I put all my father’s credentials, but I wrote down my own banking details.

“That will take a couple of days for the money to reflect on other bank account.”

“That not a problem sir, I will wait.”

I left home and lived with my friend for the couple of days, I could not able to go home because my father would definately kill me. The money got deposited in to my account.

I bought two franchise businesses one was for petrol filling station and big brand name supermaket in Canada. I settled a debt I took from the bank within two years.

I build my parents a pent house of which I hired a respected construction company to build. I bought my father and mother two luxurious cars.

One day I decided to go home – to reconcile with my father.

“I came just to apologize.”

“What you have done with the money.”

“I bought two franchises, I now own couple of flats in the city.”

I knew what I did was risky and very wrong, but I was happy that they forgave me. I threw a party for them and presented their surprises.

“You need to rest now, please retire from your jobs, I will take care of you.”

I watched my parent become more advance with age. As I was responsible for them, I began to notice that life reverses itself at some point in time. When a person grows to be an adult and his or her age get reversed backward to become a child again.

I accepted this transition of times that I had two children: my mother and father.

Compiled by the Aquifers.

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