Seek and find.

I received a call from my wife telling me that her work is much bigger, she should come late. She did tell me about her busy schedules at work and we agreed that somedays her working hours might be extended to finish her job.

She did not have to worry about the supper because I would cook and do all the house chores as I would knock off from work earlier than her. I was not forced to do the house chores but I did them for the love of my wife.

I do not do much booze, but I would go downtown, to have some few drink after finishing the house chores to kill the time until my wife comes home.

After receiving her call, I went to the bar and met some guy that later I made friend with him. He came and join me at the table.

“I am Aurthur Jacobs.”

“Carl Thompsons.” I said

We would talk about many issues from politics, soccer, work and lastly the love affairs.

“Many men, find it very hard to do some chores in the house because they think it’s women’s tasks. I cook for my wife, I wash the dishes, cleaning the floors even doing the laundry and wash her underwears.”

“Carl, do you wash her underwears?”

“Yes, I do, we are married in one flesh, I even bring her breakfast in bed.”

“You are spoiling her, what she does in return?”

“I do not have any reciprocation in my mind, because I love her.”

My friend laughed at me a great deal, he even came down with hiccups while sipping from his tumbler.

“If these are all tender, love and care expected from the married man, I would rather stay single.”

“Fall in love, you would know what I mean.”

“Carl! I fell in love many times and I know women, they do not appreciate, they can leave you for another men despite breakfast that you bring in bed for her, they do not give a damn about it.”

“Yes, I agree but……”

“They can cheat on you unseen and you won’t able find out because they have skills to keep things furtive.

“I trust her and we love each other, that is why we got married. We took some vows to be faithfull at each another.”

“You seem to live on your own planet.”


“Vows, marriages ect. do not lock a punani. My friend! I fail to count how many married women I screwed. You full of games. Women cheat more than a man, do you know that? Tell you what, I landed a job with F&G Freight company, people there got no morals, women staff are being nailed like crazy, even the married ones, shit!.”

“When started working with F&G?”

“Four months back.”

“Do you know Angelina Thompsons.”

“Mrs. Thompson, is that your wife? I know she is my colleague but with seperate divisions, we hardly talk.”

“That is my wife, you shock me if you talk like that.”

“No! She looks cool and disciplined, believe me she can not do that.”

“You are screwing married women, F&G men bonk married women. What to think and she extends working hours lately complaining about heavy work loads, is your jobs that demanding.”

“I do not know at their division. Mr Thompsons stop worrying, I hate to talk about work during my leisure time. Lets drink.”

This worried me a little bit, though I took what my new friend told with a pinch of salt. I then went home to my wife as usual.

“I am so honoured to have you in my life, this house is sparkling clean because of you.”

“Never mind, its all because I love you, I have cooked did you check the pots.”

“Yes, its delicious, but it’s 21h:30, I do not eat during this time around, but I am happy because I have a lunch tomorrow.”

“Alright! Can I give you something to drink, maybe wine?”

“Yes, wine would do it, before hitting the sack.”

It would slip my mind to ask her about her colleague “Arthur”

One day Authur introduce his friend, Terence to drink with us.

“He is Terence Hills my colleague and my boss and this is Carl Thompsons husband of Mrs. Thompsons.”

“Nice to meet you Terence, this is where we queench our thirst.” I said.

“This is a cool place, Aurthur told me about.”

We enjoyed our drinks and left. Terence would not join us everyday but he would come every alternate days to drink with us. One day I became suspicious that when Terence could not joined us, my wife would come more late at night.

I could no longer trust these guys, I thought something beats the water. It was on Friday when Terence could not pitched up at the bar and my wife had called me again to report her late coming.”

I went to the bar as usual, I met with Aurthur he is too much into alcohol. I made him to drink a lot, he became blackout. I stole his work access card. I never been to F&G Freight company, but he had already told me everything about his workplace including their working hours and what floors their offices are situated.

I left him lying on the table. I took a taxi and headed to his company late in the evening. I opened an access card gate, I got inside. I took a lift to the 22nd floor. I knocked in the office.

“Who is that?” She asked. I could recognise my wife’s voice but I could hear a man’s voice inside the office.

“Its me Carl, please open the door.”



She opened the door, look bewildered.

“What brought you here, how come you got an access at this high security environment?”

“I have been missing you, and decided to surprise you with a visit.”

“Oh! Thanks, I love you.”

“I heard somebody talking, before I enter this office.”

“I am alone here, stop fussing, this must be not that you no longer trusting me. I hope you see for yourself the work that make me coming late more often at home.”

She was convinced piles of documents were full on her desk. “You see, I still have to compile these bundles. Come on! Carl I wont cheat on you, please trust me.”

“Of course I trust you, wifey, you quite have a big office.”

“Oh! Yes, it is spacious.”

“Mine is very compact.”

“Sorry hubby, I think we should go.”

We went home, the road to home is passing by the bar.

“Can you stop by the bar need to buy some wine.”

She stopped a car and I got inside a bar and I found Terence and Aurthur talking and laughing uproariosly

“I am back guys.”

“Where have you been, haven’t seen my access card?”

“Needed to take care of some other business in my house, here is your card, I found it lying on the floor so I kept it safe for you.”

“Thank you.”

“You managed to wake up.”

“I just took a snap.”

“Nevermind, Aurthur likes to sleep I found him sleeping and I woke him up.”

“When you came here, because I left him sleeping thought he was blackout.

“I came twenty minutes ago from my flat.”

I bought a bottle of wine and when I was about to exit a bar door they laughed their head off again.

Compiled by the Aquifers.

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