The last days.

My wife resolved to have euthanasia administered on her. She reached that decision because a doctor at Happy Life hospital – at Bruges in Belgium, diagnosed her with terminal brain cancer.

She would complain about incesant headaches, vomiting and blurred vision.

I would received many calls from the school where she was working at, that she had fell and lost her conscious.

They would take her to the Happy life hospital in Bruges once she fell unconscious. Doctors at Happy Life hospital confirmed that she had a brain cancer.

I was so saddened by the news, and her wish to do euthanisia  shattered me. I could not help thinking about how life was so unfair to me – to us.

We would cry together and ask God for His salvation. She was determined to do euthanasia and she told me that -she  had already found a death doctor in Brussels known as Dr. T. Janssens.

We have married for ten years and God blessed us with two children: Lucas and Raphael.

A day before her last appointment with Dr. Janssens was very emotional to us all.

It was even hard to explain to our young children that their mother would be dead by tommorrow.

We woke up in the morning and accompanied her to Dr. Janssens. We decided to take our sons along to be there at their mother’s last moments.

“I am doctor Janssens, I administer euthanasia for the terminal ill patients. Mrs. A. Dubois came to me and requested an euthanasia because of her uncurable disease: brain cancer. Firstly I will request Mrs. Dubois, to sign these papers that legalise me to conduct euthanasia on her. Mrs. Dubois, is this your family?”

“Yes doctor.” She said.

“Are they husband and children?”


“Then your husband, will be your witness. I hope you discussed this matter of euthanasia I am about to administered on Mrs Dubois as a family. It is painful to loose a member of family this way, I know, but finally we all shall die. In life we die in various ways, such as car accidents, drowns, shootings, ect. I guess you should accept this death as one of those ways of death that are outthere in life. Please give me those papers once they are signed. I can give you much time as you wish to cherish this moment with your beloved, you should tell me if – you are ready.”

Dr. Janssens stood up and dashed into his laboratory. He tried to console us, but pains in our hearts that my wife and a mother, is leaving us forever, can’t be comforted at this point in time.

We hold and gazed each other for a long time. Thought of what we went through in life, came flashing back.

Me and my wife, met in the train from Brussels to Bruges in Belgium on the 3rd November 1989. I was sitting next her and we greeted each other.

“Raphael Dubois.”

“Emma Jacobs.”

“You look beautiful, where are you from?”


“What’s your business in Bruges?”

“I am teacher, and you?’

“I live in Brussels as well, but I have a supermaket in Bruges.


“It is nice to see you and I would love to see you again over the cup of coffee sometimes.”

“I am preoccupied these days, but I would not say no.”

Did she say that? I could not believe my ears. She was very beautiful – she should be boastful and cheeky when a guy like me asked her out. I am not aloof but I am not handsome to deserve her.

I arranged to meet with her at Pomperlut in Bruges. That was a convient time to vent my feelings about her though not long ago, I first saw her, yes it’s true first impression lasts.

“I swear, I have never seen such beauty in my entire life, your beautifulness is like a sun after the rain.”

“I would take that as a compliment.”

“In that way I mean, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We got married one year later and started our family. We would lead a happy life until this demon of a brain cancer came to haunt us.

Today I am here to bid farewell to the person I loved wholeheartedly. This beauty before my eyes is about to vanish into thin air. I will never hear her sweet voice in the morning that says: ” Darling, how did you sleep?”

What about her delicious cooking and the breakfast in bed, she would bring to me. What are about our children: Lucas and Raphael, how are they going to cope? Why God allowed this to happen?

I rhetorically questioned myself these questions, tears rolled down my face like the torrents of rain. I am man but I could not help it.

“Stop crying, I won’t stop loving you even on the other side of this world. I loved you – you know that, but God could not allow us to live this life much longer. Lucas, Raphael…”


“Mother loves you and I will always love you. I think you should let me go now.”

I stood up and took Lucas and Raphael outside Dr Janssens’s surgery. We walked down the street in confusion. We felt neglected and lost in the world.

We sat at the bust stop under the shelter and I aimlessly looked at the newspaper billboard attached against the light pole written: Police have arrested trainee doctors at Happy life hospital in Bruges….

I went to shop and bought a newspaper: Two trainee doctors have arrested for making wrong lung cancer diagnosis to a patient hence he was put on the relavant medication that caused havoc in his lungs…………

I snatched away Lucas and Raphael and ran to Dr. Janssens laboratory. I burst opened the door. I found my wife lying on the death bed alone but she woke up alarmed. She got off the bed and hugged me for few seconds.

“Darling, Where is Dr. Janssens?”

“He went to answer a phone call, what is wrong…….?” She asked.

“He has not done anything on you as yet?”

“He was about to inject me, as you can see that injection on the table.”

“Let’s go.”

“Why? I should do this…..”

“Listen! let’s go and find another doctor to examine you again. I read on the paper about these trainee doctors in Happy Life hospital in Bruges who were arrested for administering medication to the wrong patient, thats why we need to consult another doctor to validate this brain tumor diagnosis.”

We went to another doctor and she took another test for brain cancer. Three days later we went back to the doctor who lastly examined her – to get a report.

“This definately not a brain cancer. I only discovered that you have much caffein in your system, need to cut on caffein and sugar Mrs Dubois.”

Compiled by the Acquifers.

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