The last days.

My wife resolved to have euthanasia administered on her. She reached that decision because a doctor at Happy Life hospital – at Bruges in Belgium, diagnosed her with terminal brain cancer.

She would complain about incesant headaches, vomiting and blurred vision.

I would received many calls from the school where she was working at, that she had fell and lost her conscious.

They would take her to the Happy life hospital in Bruges once she fell unconscious. Doctors at Happy Life hospital confirmed that she had a brain cancer.

I was so saddened by the news, and her wish to do euthanisia  shattered me. I could not help thinking about how life was so unfair to me – to us.

We would cry together and ask God for His salvation. She was determined to do euthanasia and she told me that -she  had already found a death doctor in Brussels known as Dr. T. Janssens.

We have married for ten years and God blessed us with two children: Lucas and Raphael.

A day before her last appointment with Dr. Janssens was very emotional to us all.

It was even hard to explain to our young children that their mother would be dead by tommorrow.

We woke up in the morning and accompanied her to Dr. Janssens. We decided to take our sons along to be there at their mother’s last moments.

“I am doctor Janssens, I administer euthanasia for the terminal ill patients. Mrs. A. Dubois came to me and requested an euthanasia because of her uncurable disease: brain cancer. Firstly I will request Mrs. Dubois, to sign these papers that legalise me to conduct euthanasia on her. Mrs. Dubois, is this your family?”

“Yes doctor.” She said.

“Are they husband and children?”


“Then your husband, will be your witness. I hope you discussed this matter of euthanasia I am about to administered on Mrs Dubois as a family. It is painful to loose a member of family this way, I know, but finally we all shall die. In life we die in various ways, such as car accidents, drowns, shootings, ect. I guess you should accept this death as one of those ways of death that are outthere in life. Please give me those papers once they are signed. I can give you much time as you wish to cherish this moment with your beloved, you should tell me if – you are ready.”

Dr. Janssens stood up and dashed into his laboratory. He tried to console us, but pains in our hearts that my wife and a mother, is leaving us forever, can’t be comforted at this point in time.

We hold and gazed each other for a long time. Thought of what we went through in life, came flashing back.

Me and my wife, met in the train from Brussels to Bruges in Belgium on the 3rd November 1989. I was sitting next her and we greeted each other.

“Raphael Dubois.”

“Emma Jacobs.”

“You look beautiful, where are you from?”


“What’s your business in Bruges?”

“I am teacher, and you?’

“I live in Brussels as well, but I have a supermaket in Bruges.


“It is nice to see you and I would love to see you again over the cup of coffee sometimes.”

“I am preoccupied these days, but I would not say no.”

Did she say that? I could not believe my ears. She was very beautiful – she should be boastful and cheeky when a guy like me asked her out. I am not aloof but I am not handsome to deserve her.

I arranged to meet with her at Pomperlut in Bruges. That was a convient time to vent my feelings about her though not long ago, I first saw her, yes it’s true first impression lasts.

“I swear, I have never seen such beauty in my entire life, your beautifulness is like a sun after the rain.”

“I would take that as a compliment.”

“In that way I mean, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We got married one year later and started our family. We would lead a happy life until this demon of a brain cancer came to haunt us.

Today I am here to bid farewell to the person I loved wholeheartedly. This beauty before my eyes is about to vanish into thin air. I will never hear her sweet voice in the morning that says: ” Darling, how did you sleep?”

What about her delicious cooking and the breakfast in bed, she would bring to me. What are about our children: Lucas and Raphael, how are they going to cope? Why God allowed this to happen?

I rhetorically questioned myself these questions, tears rolled down my face like the torrents of rain. I am man but I could not help it.

“Stop crying, I won’t stop loving you even on the other side of this world. I loved you – you know that, but God could not allow us to live this life much longer. Lucas, Raphael…”


“Mother loves you and I will always love you. I think you should let me go now.”

I stood up and took Lucas and Raphael outside Dr Janssens’s surgery. We walked down the street in confusion. We felt neglected and lost in the world.

We sat at the bust stop under the shelter and I aimlessly looked at the newspaper billboard attached against the light pole written: Police have arrested trainee doctors at Happy life hospital in Bruges….

I went to shop and bought a newspaper: Two trainee doctors have arrested for making wrong lung cancer diagnosis to a patient hence he was put on the relavant medication that caused havoc in his lungs…………

I snatched away Lucas and Raphael and ran to Dr. Janssens laboratory. I burst opened the door. I found my wife lying on the death bed alone but she woke up alarmed. She got off the bed and hugged me for few seconds.

“Darling, Where is Dr. Janssens?”

“He went to answer a phone call, what is wrong…….?” She asked.

“He has not done anything on you as yet?”

“He was about to inject me, as you can see that injection on the table.”

“Let’s go.”

“Why? I should do this…..”

“Listen! let’s go and find another doctor to examine you again. I read on the paper about these trainee doctors in Happy Life hospital in Bruges who were arrested for administering medication to the wrong patient, thats why we need to consult another doctor to validate this brain tumor diagnosis.”

We went to another doctor and she took another test for brain cancer. Three days later we went back to the doctor who lastly examined her – to get a report.

“This definately not a brain cancer. I only discovered that you have much caffein in your system, need to cut on caffein and sugar Mrs Dubois.”

Compiled by the Acquifers.

Ash to ashes, dust to dust.

My neighbor and her maid, burnt beyond recognition when their house got incinirated in Washington DC. Accidents investigators determined that the cause of fire resulted from the faulty electric stove.

It was hard to believe that Mrs Jones had passed on. She was more than a neighbor to me, but a pal. During 1950‘s racial segregation in USA, were used to discriminate African-American people.

“White only.” Was a term used to keep African-American people at bay from the white only infrastructures, such as toilets, hospitals, schools even the graveyards.

Mrs. Jones was living with her maid: Anna. Anna was an african-american person. Mrs. Jones’s husband died five years ago from cancer. They had four children, they all got married and started their own families.

It was on the 3rd November 1950, at 13h:00 am to be precise when their house gutted by fire. I peeped through the window of my bedroom, furious blaze of furnace had already engulfed the whole house.

I came out of my house shocked, I shouted for help among our neighbours. We all converged at the scene. We watched the house torched into ashes.

They could not came out, both of them died. Throngs of people waited outside looked saddened until the sun came out in the morning.

Fire brigade manage to kill the fire. Police, forensic and investigators came at the scene as well. They noticed a cat stood by the body ash remains. They tried to catch it, but it ran away.

That cat was a baby for Mrs. Jones, she would love it. Jones family arranged a funeral on the same day. They had some difficulties to identify Mrs. Jones remains from her maid: Anna because they were both burnt into ashes.

Jones family took more whitish body remains and burried Mrs. Jones at the white community grave yards. Anna’s family as well took Anna’s remain to give her a decent funeral at the African-American graveyards.

On the Sunday afternoon, a certain member of Jones family was passing by the African-American graveyards when he noticed a cat that belonged to Mrs Jones resting on Anna’s tombstone.

Compiled by the Aquifers.

Bank job.

It was on the 4th November 1940, when I robbed a bank without bloodshedding. The reason why I needed to execute that job, was that I needed some money, a lot of money to look after myself and my family.

My name is William Brown, I was born in Canada – United State of America. I’m 35 years old, I got both parents of which God blessed them with only one child that is me.

Many people would think that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but thas was not the case. My family would lead an affordable life, my mother was a nurse and my father was a police officer, but they would afford my needs since I was only child.

I was 22 years of old when I robbed the bank. Though I was at that age, my physique was at the same size with my father, people would struggle to identify between me and my father.

One day, I stole my father’s identity document and payslip and I went to the bank. When I got at the bank, I approached a client service.

“I need a loan.”

“Loan of how much sir.”

“$ 30 299.00

“Give me your ID and a payslip.”


“Are you Mr. Benjamin Brown?”


“You have a good credit record, you may borrow up $ 81 944.00 please complete this form.”

I put all my father’s credentials, but I wrote down my own banking details.

“That will take a couple of days for the money to reflect on other bank account.”

“That not a problem sir, I will wait.”

I left home and lived with my friend for the couple of days, I could not able to go home because my father would definately kill me. The money got deposited in to my account.

I bought two franchise businesses one was for petrol filling station and big brand name supermaket in Canada. I settled a debt I took from the bank within two years.

I build my parents a pent house of which I hired a respected construction company to build. I bought my father and mother two luxurious cars.

One day I decided to go home – to reconcile with my father.

“I came just to apologize.”

“What you have done with the money.”

“I bought two franchises, I now own couple of flats in the city.”

I knew what I did was risky and very wrong, but I was happy that they forgave me. I threw a party for them and presented their surprises.

“You need to rest now, please retire from your jobs, I will take care of you.”

I watched my parent become more advance with age. As I was responsible for them, I began to notice that life reverses itself at some point in time. When a person grows to be an adult and his or her age get reversed backward to become a child again.

I accepted this transition of times that I had two children: my mother and father.

Compiled by the Aquifers.

Seek and find.

I received a call from my wife telling me that her work is much bigger, she should come late. She did tell me about her busy schedules at work and we agreed that somedays her working hours might be extended to finish her job.

She did not have to worry about the supper because I would cook and do all the house chores as I would knock off from work earlier than her. I was not forced to do the house chores but I did them for the love of my wife.

I do not do much booze, but I would go downtown, to have some few drink after finishing the house chores to kill the time until my wife comes home.

After receiving her call, I went to the bar and met some guy that later I made friend with him. He came and join me at the table.

“I am Aurthur Jacobs.”

“Carl Thompsons.” I said

We would talk about many issues from politics, soccer, work and lastly the love affairs.

“Many men, find it very hard to do some chores in the house because they think it’s women’s tasks. I cook for my wife, I wash the dishes, cleaning the floors even doing the laundry and wash her underwears.”

“Carl, do you wash her underwears?”

“Yes, I do, we are married in one flesh, I even bring her breakfast in bed.”

“You are spoiling her, what she does in return?”

“I do not have any reciprocation in my mind, because I love her.”

My friend laughed at me a great deal, he even came down with hiccups while sipping from his tumbler.

“If these are all tender, love and care expected from the married man, I would rather stay single.”

“Fall in love, you would know what I mean.”

“Carl! I fell in love many times and I know women, they do not appreciate, they can leave you for another men despite breakfast that you bring in bed for her, they do not give a damn about it.”

“Yes, I agree but……”

“They can cheat on you unseen and you won’t able find out because they have skills to keep things furtive.

“I trust her and we love each other, that is why we got married. We took some vows to be faithfull at each another.”

“You seem to live on your own planet.”


“Vows, marriages ect. do not lock a punani. My friend! I fail to count how many married women I screwed. You full of games. Women cheat more than a man, do you know that? Tell you what, I landed a job with F&G Freight company, people there got no morals, women staff are being nailed like crazy, even the married ones, shit!.”

“When started working with F&G?”

“Four months back.”

“Do you know Angelina Thompsons.”

“Mrs. Thompson, is that your wife? I know she is my colleague but with seperate divisions, we hardly talk.”

“That is my wife, you shock me if you talk like that.”

“No! She looks cool and disciplined, believe me she can not do that.”

“You are screwing married women, F&G men bonk married women. What to think and she extends working hours lately complaining about heavy work loads, is your jobs that demanding.”

“I do not know at their division. Mr Thompsons stop worrying, I hate to talk about work during my leisure time. Lets drink.”

This worried me a little bit, though I took what my new friend told with a pinch of salt. I then went home to my wife as usual.

“I am so honoured to have you in my life, this house is sparkling clean because of you.”

“Never mind, its all because I love you, I have cooked did you check the pots.”

“Yes, its delicious, but it’s 21h:30, I do not eat during this time around, but I am happy because I have a lunch tomorrow.”

“Alright! Can I give you something to drink, maybe wine?”

“Yes, wine would do it, before hitting the sack.”

It would slip my mind to ask her about her colleague “Arthur”

One day Authur introduce his friend, Terence to drink with us.

“He is Terence Hills my colleague and my boss and this is Carl Thompsons husband of Mrs. Thompsons.”

“Nice to meet you Terence, this is where we queench our thirst.” I said.

“This is a cool place, Aurthur told me about.”

We enjoyed our drinks and left. Terence would not join us everyday but he would come every alternate days to drink with us. One day I became suspicious that when Terence could not joined us, my wife would come more late at night.

I could no longer trust these guys, I thought something beats the water. It was on Friday when Terence could not pitched up at the bar and my wife had called me again to report her late coming.”

I went to the bar as usual, I met with Aurthur he is too much into alcohol. I made him to drink a lot, he became blackout. I stole his work access card. I never been to F&G Freight company, but he had already told me everything about his workplace including their working hours and what floors their offices are situated.

I left him lying on the table. I took a taxi and headed to his company late in the evening. I opened an access card gate, I got inside. I took a lift to the 22nd floor. I knocked in the office.

“Who is that?” She asked. I could recognise my wife’s voice but I could hear a man’s voice inside the office.

“Its me Carl, please open the door.”



She opened the door, look bewildered.

“What brought you here, how come you got an access at this high security environment?”

“I have been missing you, and decided to surprise you with a visit.”

“Oh! Thanks, I love you.”

“I heard somebody talking, before I enter this office.”

“I am alone here, stop fussing, this must be not that you no longer trusting me. I hope you see for yourself the work that make me coming late more often at home.”

She was convinced piles of documents were full on her desk. “You see, I still have to compile these bundles. Come on! Carl I wont cheat on you, please trust me.”

“Of course I trust you, wifey, you quite have a big office.”

“Oh! Yes, it is spacious.”

“Mine is very compact.”

“Sorry hubby, I think we should go.”

We went home, the road to home is passing by the bar.

“Can you stop by the bar need to buy some wine.”

She stopped a car and I got inside a bar and I found Terence and Aurthur talking and laughing uproariosly

“I am back guys.”

“Where have you been, haven’t seen my access card?”

“Needed to take care of some other business in my house, here is your card, I found it lying on the floor so I kept it safe for you.”

“Thank you.”

“You managed to wake up.”

“I just took a snap.”

“Nevermind, Aurthur likes to sleep I found him sleeping and I woke him up.”

“When you came here, because I left him sleeping thought he was blackout.

“I came twenty minutes ago from my flat.”

I bought a bottle of wine and when I was about to exit a bar door they laughed their head off again.

Compiled by the Aquifers.

A plot.

Foiled plot to kill but my blood is still oozing through the bullets wounds dyeing white hospital bandaged red.

The phone rang hysterically in the lounge, I answered it “hello” there was no answer but I overheard two people talking, could not figure out how the lines got interconnected with my mine.

“I hope you have not forgotten your job you need to do today, at 20h:00 in the evening.”

“That one at no. 12 Avenue?”

“Yes, finish him off and annihilate his family as well.”

“Consider it done, Boss!

“Hello, who am I talking to…………?”

There was no answer and their call got cut. I told my wife about what I heard.

“Do you have enemies.” She asked.


“Who might be plotting to kill us, for what?, I suggest you call the police.”

“Officer! My name is David Taylor, I am calling from the no. 12 Avenue in San fransisco, my line somehow got interconnected with other lines, and I heard two people plot to kill at no. 12 Avenue at 20h:00 today in the evening.

“I am listening.”

“What startled me the most, is that our house is situated at the same location……..”

“So what can we do for you Mr. Taylor?”

“Can you come and watch over my family at this time?”

“How many no. 12 Avenues out-there in the world, Mr. Taylor?”

“I do not know.”

“Do you have enemies Mr. Taylor?”

“No that I know of.”

“Sir do not panic, I mean there are many no. 12 Avenues in the US only, those people I do not think they were referring to you, but if suspecting something by that time or anytime, do call us, we would respond immadiately.”

“You are not serious, are you? I am not talking about anybody here, I am talking about my family that is at stake right now.”

“Mr. Taylor you said that you do not have enemies, I do not see what the fuss is abou…………?

“Should I sit back and relax while heard such plot? You useless.”

She hang up on me, I took some few steps forward and came back confused.

“Did you find any assistance from the police.” Wife asked.

“No! We have to act on our own to save our lives.”

“I think you need to calm down, you do not have enemies and I do not have any. We neither sell drugs nor bank robbers, this plot belong to the people into such dealings. We are working for our survival……….”

“People these days, kill for your car, watch etc.”

A phone rang again as before

“Please do not answer it! So what are we going to do?” Wife cried.

I went to the bedroom and got a gun, as the time drew near and near, I sent my wife and children to the basement.

At 20h00 I saw two silhouete outside the window, I fired a couple of shots, one person fell on the ground. He shot me as well in the stomach. Two days later I woke up in the hospital.

“Mr Taylor you were shooting the police officers, we decided to come to your residence and we did give you a ring to inform you that we are coming, but could not reach you.

Worse part of it we thought a crimnal you told us about was fighting, hence we had to defend ourselves, but we glad you could not die. Anyway we wish you a speedy recovery.”

“Did I kill a police officer?”

“No we were wearing bullet proof vests.”

After they had gone I tuned on the television news. “Police foiled a plot to kill a businessman in Montana at no. 12 Avenue.

Police received a tip from an unidentified person who overheard their plot when his telephone line mistakably got interconnected with theirs.

Compiled by the Aquifers.

Guilty conscience.

On the 20th January 1980, I was on my way to work when my side chick stopped me.

She got inside my car holding one month old baby. “You have to see what are you going to do with this baby, My parents can kill me if they can found out that I was pregnant. It is better because I could not kill her.”

She threw a baby in the back seat and she left. I am a married man, she was scared of her parents if they could find out about her pregnancy and I was not different from her because my wife could run haywire if she found out about this baby as well, therefore I do not want some dramas.

Many thoughts came flashing about what I was going to do with a baby. I did not want to harm her but at the same time did not want my wife to know about her.

I then decided to drive miles away with a baby. I saw a hospital by the road, I entered it and went straight to the baby’s bay, I joined the queue.

After a while I asked a lady I was following to look after my baby while I am going to the bathrooms. I then disappeared into thin air, this was evil I know, but I could not help it because our marriage could be at stake.

I proceeded to work and apologised for been late. After work I went home. A man who left the baby at the hospital was all over the news on tv, a footage was shown but it was very unclear to detect who that man was.

“This world is about to end, what made this man to leave a baby like that?”

“It is confusing wifey, where was the mother of this baby?”

“Poor baby.”

Twenty seven years later my son got a job and he told us about his women which he willing to lead to the altar.

“I met her when we were still studying and she is working as well.”

“That is good son we would love to meet her.”

“Yes son your mother is convinced, we would appreciate to see her.”

“Oh! That can be organised…I think tomorrow.”

We were sitting in the dining area, when my son came with his girlfriend.

“My dad and Mom, this is Anna Loius. Anna these are my parents.”

“It is nice to meet you Anna, what are doing for a living?”

“I am a teacher.”

“That nice, I was a teacher as well but I am retired. Hubby! Why are you so quiet, do you have anything to ask Anna.”

“I am not quiet, I was waiting for you to finish.”

“It is nice to meet you Anna, you look very young, when  were you born?”

“I was born on 12 November 1984.

“How do you know that?”

“My dad and mom told me so.”


Compiled by the Aquifers.

Paying a visit.

I love my wife and she loves me too, we have married for almost 10 years. God gave us four children, we are a happy family.

One day my wife told me that her mother fell sick with flu, she suggested we should go and see her, “we have to see her this weekend.”

We woke up on the Saturday morning, “wifey! I guess we should take this car, it is small but very economical on the fuel because we are going too far.”

“No! I think we should take that double cab, remember we need to buy some groceries in town.”

“I thought we would buy some little groceries, most important thing is to go and see her, I mean festive season busted our coffers, do we have enough money to buy much groceries?”

“I spoke with her yesterday, she said her fridge is empty, her visitors finished everything during that festive season you talking about, I will see what am I going to make some ends meet at this Janworry juncture.”

“How come you never inform me about that?”

“I am sorry, it just slipped my mind…, I think we should get going, time is not on our side ☺️”

We got into the car and we headed to town. We got off the car once we had arrived and went to the shopping centres.

We spent a couple of hours walking through the aisles. My heart sinks if I think about shopping, this is the moment I hate the most but I had no choice, I love my family, have to be around them everyday.

A trolley became full to its brim, but assistants helped us to load grocery into the back of the van. Our journey took almost two to three hours then we reached our destiny.

“I am glad to see you, I was just came down with flu, but I am recovering now, it was not that bad.”

“We also happy to see you alive and kicking, we have just came to check up on you mother.”

“Thank you my son, I even got a chance to see my grand daughters and grandsons, they are growing too fast.”

We spent the whole weekend and returned back to our own home. Three months later, I received some other news that my mother is having a running stomachache.

“Did my mother call you.”

“Yes, she did and she told me that she is sick.”

“That strange last time my mother inlaw was sick, today it is my mother?”

“They are well advanced, it is common for them to get sick.”

“I think we should go to see her tomorrow since it’s friday.”

“Alright, that would be a good idea.”

We got up in the morning and went to the guarage. “We will travel some long distance to home, I think we should use a small car, it’s more petrol savvy.”

“No, we should take a double cab, being compacted in a small car, is not cool for such a long distance and we need to do some groceries in town.”

“No! I do not think she need that much of the groceries, they got some I guess, why we are spending so much on the groceries when we visit our inlaws?”

“I called my mother inlaw yesterday, to give me the list of groceries she needs therefore he have to take a double cab.”

We got into the car and went to town once more to do some shopping.

History repeated itself once more, I do not think is there any real man out there who likes shopping, especial groceries, this is a women’s work, but when comes to pushing this heavy trolley infront of me, I guess they need a stronger muscle.

We loaded our van filled to its capacity and headed to my mother’s house.

She was very estatic to see us. “I just ate some half cooked meat, I think that was the reason I came down with a running stomachache, but I am better now.”

“You won’t believe that three months ago, my mother inlaw was sick with flu and we had to go -to check up on her as well, but she is fine now.”

“That’s good, some people react when the seasons change, my grandchildren are really growing up too quickly.”

“Yes, they are.”

We also spend the whole weekend at my mother’s house and we returned to our home could not get over splendid time we had there.

Compiled by the Aquifers.

And I’ll stratch yours.

One day I drove pass a car that was parked beside the road, my conscience told me to stop, but I nomally do not stop at night. I reverse my car and lowered my window.

“Is everything alright?”

“No, my tyre got pierced by the sharp object and became deflated, but I know nothing about car other than driving it.”

“Do you have a sparewheel, madam?”

“Yes, I do, I have been trying to call roadside assistants, but no one has came as yet.”

“This is a dangerous spot for thieves, you will soon become their prey if you still hang around here.”

“Can you help me…”

I knew it, most of women, can drive but changing a tyre is another story. I took out my tools box and worked on his tyre.”

“I fixed your tyre, you may get going.”

“Thank you very much, God bless you.”

“Not at all, what is your name?

“I am Tamara Louis, and you are?

“David Mills, where are you heading to?

“In Johannesburg, anyway thank you for helping me, you have a good heart.”

“Alright, no problem have a safe journey.”

“You too, thanks.

She drove off and I left as well.

Two years later, I went to the bank in town to deposit some cash. I found long tedious queues when I got inside the bank.

“Hi! sir, how can we help you?”

“I am here to deposit some cash.”

“Alright sir join that queue.”

“Which one mistress.”

“Come, I will show you.”

I then followed her, but all these queues are long, I should spend the whole day in the bank while my business is left unattended.

“Please! Young lady can I ask a favour from you, listen I am here to deposit some cash and I am a businessman and my business can not operate if I am not around especial if I have to join these tedious long queues, can you please prioritise me.”

“We are not allowed to do that here, all these people are in a rush like you, it would be unfair to jump them, rather try to come earlier tommorow.”

“I can not come tommorrow, who is the manager of this branch, show me his or her office.”

“I do not think that would help you sir, but I can show you her office.”

She showed me her office, fortunately it was opened, I got inside.

“Good morning Sir, how can we help you.”

“What a coincidence, are you Tamara Louis that I know?”

“Yes, I am Tamara, I have a busy schedule today, how can I help you sir?”

“Do you remember me, your car broke down at night in the middle of nowhere, I am that guy who fixed your tyre.”

“It has been a while but I think I remember a bit, but what I can do for you today?”

“Look, I did explained to an assistant that, I am here to deposit some huge amount of cash and I find your queues much too long for m, I can spend the whole day here while my business is left unattended, as a result I request a priority.”

“Sir, I have already late for the meeting, I will refer to the person who can help you, please follow me.”

“Alright! Thank you, its quite strange that you can not remember that incindzwzence.”

“It has been a while, get inside that office, they will definately help you, thanks bye!”

“Thank you, once again.”

I got inside an office she refered me to and I found a gentlemen who was wearing smart formally and neatly.

“Good morning sir, how can I help you.”

“I was referred by Tamara to you. Look, I am here to deposit huge amount of money but queues are much too long for me to join, I am running a supermaket which demands my attention everyday, I can not spend the whole day here, can you please prioritise me first.”

“That would be very difficult sir, I am sorry I can not help you, as you know first come first served, you should have came earlier than that, have to join a line or come tommorrow sir.”

Taken from the Aquifers.

Death sentence.

‘I am groaning in agony, lying in the bed of death, anxious to know the cause of my ailments ever since myriad abdominal examinations was conducted on me a week ago.

Sad and incessant wailing, overhearing fathomless medical jargons, spoken by the doctors, myriad medical mixture odours – and high heel shoes footsteps of the nursing staff click-clacking along the hospital wards corridors. Phew! I hate this environment, my heart longs to be with my husband and children at home…………………..’

“Goodday, Mrs. Smith, I am doctor F Edward, your results are back. You have got a kidney cancer and apparently it has caused a tremendous havoc to your both kidneys, you will surely need a new kidney implant, yes only one is enough for you to live long as – you want.”

I felt a cold shiver meandering through my spine, my mouth trembled failing to utter any words at the doctor’s message.

In shock, I gazed at him, dumbfounded. “Mrs. Smith, I am sorry to bring such bad news to you, but cancer has already caused dire disaster to your kidneys hence such organ donation is a prerequisite, you have almost twenty days to live. Do you have any relative or friend in mind who can donate with his or her kidney to save your life?”

Tears welled up my eyes, beads of persperations rolled down my face……….. “Alright, I will leave you for now, but bring this matter to your family or friends attention, maybe one of them would come forward and donate an organ. Again, I am sorry to trouble you, bye!.”

‘Kidney implant and twenty days to live! This is not going to happen to me, I can not die, my children are still young. What I have done to deserve this? Lord please spare my life for my children’s and my husband’s sake……………..’

“My wife, I love you and no one who would donate an organ for you other than me.” These were the words my husband whispered into my ears when he visited me in the hospital on that day. “I have already signed the paperwork to donate for my one and only princess.”

I learned on him. “Doctor told me, I have only twenty days left to live and I can not die.”

“Stop crying my love, they diagnosed you with cancer and suggested an implant, of course they know their story, it would be just the few operations between me and you, thereafter we live a happy life again, actually I am glad that I am donating my organ to the person I love and hope that would intensify our marriage bond even further.”

‘I love my husband and he loves me too but if I die what would happen to him and my children………..?’ “How are my little angels, do they miss me?”

“Yes, they are…, Cathy prepared a pancake for her younger sister this morning and she bath her sometimes.”

“She does that?”

“Of course, she is playing to be a mother of the house in your absence.”

“Oh! Sweat, they are really missing me.”

“Yes, planning to take them to their granny since I am getting admitted tommorrow.

“Please give my regards to them, I love them so much.”

“Good, they love you too, I love you, lets do this…., I shall see you. Take care!”

We kissed each other fondly and he went away……

Night drew near, I closed my eyes and slept, I woke up in the middle of the night, all felt like a dream, a while I came into my senses, I could not stop the rain of tears that soaken my pillows wet……………….

I stayed awakened untill the morning.

“Hi wifey, how did you sleep.”

“Could hardly sleep.”

“Take it easy, are you ready?”

“Dunno! Are you ready? How are my angels?”

“I am ready, I will do anything for you my love…..Children!They are fine, took them to their granny, they were much happy to see her…………….”

“Mr. Smith,…. Please come….follow me.”

“Please, Doc just give me 2 seconds……., I love you…….”

“I love you too………..”

“I promise its going to be alright.”

I can not get over the kisses and hugs we had together. That sweet emotional moment was short to last only for the few seconds but worthed a while to comfort me…..

“Mrs Smith, two teams of physicians will work around the clock to make transplant possible between you and your husband…., Are you ready?”

“Yes, doctor.”

“We will take you to the theatre now to begin with operations, firstly I need to inject you….., If you can just turn a little bit…..”

A doctor could not inject me, but stabbed my whole body randomly. I tried to run away but abdominal pains halted my movement. Whole bed was seismic in shudder when my body shook convulsively while wailing.

“Wifey! Wifey! Wifey!”


“What are you doing, shaking and crying like that?”

“Oh! Dammit! I am having a bad dream.”

“Please wake up, you are running late for work.”

Taken from the Aquifers.

A bread of life.


I was born and bred in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I grew up in the rural area that would be affected by the ethnic wars.

I started my primary level of education with a local school that would be shut down due to endless civilians clashes. Such ethnic wars would force us to sleep even in the jungles.

When such wars subside, school would be reopened and resume as normal. It was hurtful to find out that some of the learners I knew killed during those wars.

Though coming from the humble origins, I completed my primary level of education with flying colors. I then received a scholarship that was offered by the church missionary situated in the city. A teacher who was impressed with my good results, assisted me to obtain such scholarship.

My father was a woodworker and my mother was a domestic worker. I constantly persuaded with them to relocate, but they would be reluctant to go because of their sentiments attached to the area.

I then completed my secondary school and pursued engineering courses. In 1940, I graduated and completed a trade test to become a professional engineer. I would work with an international oil company that was extracting it locally.

I could able to support my four siblings for the better education and put food on the table for the whole family. On the 22nd September 1943, I went home after work as usual. We had a splendid supper and went to sleep.

By 11h:00, I heard gunshots fired and the blast of bombs. Terrible turmoils and commotion in the neighborhood, made me to wake up and gazed through the window. I saw couple of houses that was on fire, I then realized that war was on us again.

I hastily woke everyone in the house but I was too late because bombs had already been thrown through the windows. Big thud ruptured the whole house and blown its roof away. I found myself on the floor covered with heavy debris.

Fire was everywhere, I tried to pull out myself from where I was stucked,  I searched for my family members but I found that all had been dead. I located my briefcase where I keep my documents and left immediately.

I slept in the jungle for the couple of days, saddened by what happened to my family. I traveled long distance on foot, trying to escape because the whole country was at war.

I lived in the wild for months, I used all the tactics we would do in the veld to eat while tending cattle far away from homes when we were young boys, hence I could not starve on my journey with an unknown destination.

I climbed many mountains and trodden through frightful jungles with lions – and leopards, I crossed many rivers fraught with perilous crocodiles, but I made it through easily as most of my life spent in the wild looking after cattle.

I finally made to reach a city by the Mediterranean sea. My clothes that I was wearing became tattered. I lived in the street and ate from garbage bins, I then joined other homeless street hobos.

Briefcase was still in my hands but some hooligans would chase me anxious to see what is inside of it.  A good-hearted-man, saw my clothes that were worn out, he then gave me a huge coat. A coat came to my rescue because I emptied my briefcase and inserted my documents into the coat’s pockets internally.

Someday I was walking passing a ship harbor, I secretly got inside a ship unseen. I found myself a hidden corner to dwell. Ship disembarked with me and it traveled a couple of months. Fortunately a pit that I was hiding in it – was used to dispose food remnants that I was contesting with mouse and maggots to eat it.

I sometimes heard cars hooting, I then realized that a ship had reached its destiny. One it got anchored, i secretly got off. I saw a huge board written, “Welcome to Italy.” I again realized that I was in Italy. I roamed streets for months again.

My appearance was scary hence some people would run away at my sight and police would come and chase me away. I would beg for money in the street and I kept it to buy a newspaper. One day I saw a vacancy that suited my qualifications advertised in the newspaper.

I took out my qualifications that were shriveled and discolored from my coat. I made an application with an oil company that I latter found that it was the head office of the same company I was working for at home in the DRC.

I went to the company and struggled to get inside since the security guards thought I was a street hobo with no value. I tried to state my account about what happened. Other good – hearted guard, gave me an ear.

I became friends with him, I went to his place and bathed myself. He also gave me some of his smart clothing that fitted me well. I got shortlisted, went through an interview and landed a job successfully.

I bought myself a beautiful town house and a luxury car. My tears well up my eyes when I think about my family ordeal and what I went through, but I managed to see a rainbow after the rain.

Compiled by the Aquifers.