Africa Unite

Africa for Africans.

In mid 1906, the Natal colonialist in the face of rising Zulu resentment against the imposition of a ‘Poll Tax’ unleashed one of the most brutal and bloody armed campaign to suppression the challenge to British colonial rule. The protest and subsequent armed rebellion against the tax has become popularly know as the Bambatha/Bambatha* Rebellion after Chief Bambatha kaMancinza, head of the Zondi, a Zulu clan that lived in the Mpanza Valley in the Greytown district. Chief Bambatha, with the support of other chiefs in the area, refused to accept a new tax that was being implemented by the colonial administration.

I am very proud being born in one of the African country: South Africa. When I was a herd boy, I would enthral when the sun rouse amidst high mountain peaks and sparked the morning dews that would rest with an acacia caffra leaves. Cloud of dust would rise up in the sky when cattle ran playfully on their way home at dusk. Cows’ and calves’ cries would wake me up in the morning to milk the cows and I would pour frothy milk into the collosal calabashes to concoct fresh and tasty sour milk, such experience made me proud of being the son of the soil in Africa diaspora.

There is no doubt that Africa was blessed by God, boasting with its beautiful landscapes, rivers and indigenous trees that you won’t find anywhere else. It is also very rich with natural resources, such as, gold and diamond which is the main reason that captivated European countries to exploit Africa. European countries have exploited Africa in such a way that indigenous inhabitants of the continent have lost pride of being Africans. Anything and everything has been taken away from Africa to boost economies of European countries. We then end up fighting each other because thieves are stealing from our coffers for us to starve as leeches. I always ask myself, why a black brother kills another black brother and spare the life of a thief.

It is very evident that some of the Europeans countries’ economy has been booming because of the resources that have been exploited in Africa ever since. It is also very sad to find out that those resources have not done anything good to support African economy. Political and ethnic affiliations have been used to incite wars among black man while a thief steals African treasures subtly.

Can you allow people to come into your house to take charge over your food supplies to eat them and finally they fight over it? Only dogs can do that. Gold exploitation in by then Transvaal – South Africa in 1870’s resulted an Anglo Boer War in 1899 between British and Boers whom they fought over something that did not belong to them.

I believe that it would be convenient if Africa can unite and hold such countries accountable to restore income they benefited from exploiting mineral resources from Africa during those days. It is also importance that the indigenous people of Africa to get back their land while non indigenous people attempt to trace their origins in Europe and leave Africa.

Chapter 1.

I just can not fathom why a black man always wishes to be treated fairly by the white individuals. It is a wonder that a black man is the only one who is concerned about equality as he says ‘human beings were created by God equally therefore a white man should treat a black man fairly.’ Why do we have to lament over a special treatment by the certain individual whereas they mind their own business while insulting us that we are the apes descendats. Special treatment would begin when a black man learn to recognize their inner strenght and capabilities to build own-self-confidence.

I am black South African and I grew up following our own culture: Zulu culture. One of the main teaching of my culture is to respect people across spectrum despite age. I strongly believe that some certain western people took advantage of such cultural traits to exploit a black man one way or the other.

A black man is always docile and submissive to a white man for the reason that is unknown. Black man fears a white man as God hence enemies loot what we have by right at their please. It is very annoying not to have a land to stay in your own country of origin whereas immigrants possess huge acres of land. I strongly believe that if a black man stood his grounds such exploitation could not have happened.

If you do not have a plot of land, that means you are poor and can not make it in life because a land is cultivated or mined to become financial stable. If you are financial stable, you are also capable to expand your business ventures into banks, insurance and manufacturing companies of which those fields are owned by the white man.

Why a black man is suffering in his own country? I can not figure out why South Africans are celebrating and commerorating post 1994 freedom since it is a facade. Honesty, who should be granted freedom, is the visitor or the citizen of the country? Been captivated and freed on whose land? My question is why a black man is always docile and submissive to sacrifice their personal rights to the western thieves. Why a black man is always carrying a joke of slaveness in his own land?

I urge a black man to consider these facts and fight a war of regaining what is meant for him. Black man should stop killing a fellow black man, we should drive out western people out of Africa and claim back African soil riches that has been exploited by the white man over the years.

Chapter 2.

This is a racial assault incidence took place in Pretoria at Montana KFC. Where a white men attacked black couple. This happened in August 2017.

There was a force that was used by the whites to forfeit land and cattle from our forefathers, there should be a compensation black people should obtain. Farms should be given back to the black man to run away from  being destitute in his own land. I am saying this because we as Blacks, we are struggling to make some ends meet in life, we go to sleep with an empty stomach because we inherited nothing from our forefathers since a white man snitched away our possessions, we born and die poor.

I still can not fathom why our fallen heroes and heroines are celebrated that they fought discrimination and apartheid in Africa. Discrimination and apartheid do not worth fighting for, they should have fought to expatriate and expel foreigners outside of the African boundaries.

Black is Africa, if you are not black, you do not qualify to live in Africa. Our skin pigment speaks high volume that Africa is our home, black skin was made to fend off heat as our continent is hot. God placed all human beings in the land that suit them to live on. He also provided mineral and natural resources to support life of such inhabitants of the relevant continent to survive.

All the world continents have its own mineral and natural resources, I can not fathom why African mineral and  natural resources are prone to exploitation by the western countries.

Chapter 3.

White men victimised Victor Mlotshwa by forcing him into the coffin to inter him alive during this year: 2017. Such incidences are rife in South Africa where a white man victimises a black man for fun. This was an incidence that took place in Mpumalanga – South Africa, this is an incidence that prove South African post 1994 freedom as fairy tale. Justice system favours a white man in South Africa to set them free on all counts of such horrible incidences they take pleasure to perform on us. Being affluent, they can afford to pay good attorneys to set them free despite any level of crime they commit. Of course, they should know how to defeat the ends of justice because they are the ones who formulated laws in South Africa to oppress us. Black man is always subjected under their policies and regulations, figuratively, a black man do not have any documented laws of theirs to comply with. Therefore these culprits would be set free as usual. They shoot us and claim to have done a mistake when they could not tell whether it was a baboon or a black man. If they care much about animals, why they have to shoot a baboon?

South Africa is forcibly married to the western brides countries and very henpecked. It is ever ready to take orders from such brides sooner or later it will suffer the consequences of  being in the deceiving relationship. These brides are the gold diggers to make themselves affluent.

A war between a white man and black man in South Africa will never cease. Nelson Mandela release from the prison deceived minds of a black man to believe that  land and financial power is back in his hands but actually not so. A black man deceives himself if he thinks apartheid has ended especially in South Africa.

We experience discrimination in all walks of life in South Africa. White people in South Africa think that they own life.  They hate us in the country of our forefathers. Nothing excruciating than to work with a white man in South Africa. I have been in the working environment that involves different races but a white man would make sure that a black man suffers one way or the other. I know being called with discriminatory words. I have seen a white man receives a special treatment than the rest of other races.

A white man can go off from work as they please, without filling any leave forms but a black man is made to complete leave forms no matter what and receive leave without pay if his days are exhausted. I had nothing against a white man until I work close with them, up until I know that exploitation is still persisting in Africa.

Chapter 4.

This is an image that was painted by Ayanda Mabulu to mock the president of South Africa: Jacob Zuma.

Sons and daughters of the African soil. I just want to draw your attention to the perilous situation of not respecting our African leaders. Leaders of Africa are not respected by its citizens. This is a syndrome of failing Africa as a whole while allowing an enemy to use that weakness for their own advantages to exploit. Insulting African leaders degrades their dignity in the face of the whole world. It does not only degrades them, but a country he or she is representing. Patriotism commands protection of leaders’ dignity constantly. Immigration of a white man in Africa, minimized abilities to respect our black leaders to none, they made us to despise reigns of power by the black man.

It is very excruciating to think that those leaders who are mocked they – are the ones who played – the crucial roles to fight for the African countries not being exploited by the Western countries. A pride of being an African, should also involve recognizing and respecting our leaders. Unification of Africa starts from being patriotic.

Western countries incited the citizens of Libya to murder president: Muammar Gaddafi to exploit Africa.

Western power to incite disrespectful and war amongst us, should be noticed as a plot to confiscate our riches. Libya is a good example of how western countries are capable – of.

President Jacob Zuma in South Africa has borne a full brunt of all sorts of insults. Even comedians make fun of him in front of their audience. When Africa is built, it needs its own people to fight together with a same spirit.

Let’s continue to fight wars that our forefathers left for us fight. Do not lose focus, do not be deceive by the façade conciliation and freedom, there is no such thing.

Let’s respect works of Robert Sobukwe, King Bhambatha, Solomon Mahlangu, Steve Biko, King Sekhukhune, Robert Mugabe, Muammar Gaddafi etc., by fighting for our land.

Pain that have inflicted to a black man of taking away his belongings, should be used to claim those belongings back by force again.

Chapter 5.