• What is a satellite?

    What Is a Satellite? NASA has more than a dozen Earth science satellites in orbit. They help NASA study the oceans, land and atmosphere. Credits: NASA The Jason-2 satellite orbits Earth. It carries tools and sensors to help scientists study the oceans. Credits: NASA The Sputnik satellite was about the size of a basketball and […]

  • My culture My Africa vol 7

    I have noticed many people been killed by the thunder bolts recently. It is a truth that natural deaths were very minimum with Zulu people in the past. A person would die when he she is well advance with age. Nowadays you hardly find grey-haired grannies because we left our culture and clung upon the […]

  • Robert Mgabe on the brim

    Both the US and British embassies are advising citizens in Zimbabwe to limit unnecessary movements as the country’s political uncertainty continues. The military remains on the streets of the capital Harare, a day after generals seized power in a targeted operation against so-called “criminals” in President Robert Mugabe’s entourage. It’s been reported that Mugabe himself insists […]

  • “Zimbabwean leader should be offered asylum in South Africa.”

    The EFF this week voiced it support for the events of the ongoing Zimbabwe Crisis, as it has come to be called, adding that the post-Mugabe era must be welcomed peacefully; which is why the Zimbabwean leader should be offered asylum in South Africa. Speaking on the military lockdown of the nation’s capital, Harare, EFF […]

  • My culture My Africa vol 6.

    Zulu people might have same culture, but different in tribal customs. It is very common to find certain families practising their own set of customs and habits within a Zulu culture. For example Zondi and Zuma people incise their faces to portray their own tribal mark.   Dr. Ben Sipho Ngubane, former Arts and Culture […]

  • My culture My Africa, vol 5.

      Essence of any culture, is determined on food any ethnic group devour. Zulu culture boats with a number of various and nourishing cuisine that were thrown away and replaced by the western noshes. Zulu traditional cuisine could not cause any perilous diseases such as cancer. Western food we are devouring nowadays is fortified to […]

  • My culture My Africa, vol 4.

    Stick fighting is a Zulu traditional game that has been there for years. It was played by two opponents, who play it out for pleasure or serious fights like martial arts. Arguments between Zulu men were resolved by stick fighting. Stick fighting has became defunct, people nowadays brandish guns to settle their arguments which leads […]

  • Furtive chemical warfare to route South Africa

    HIV AND AIDS IN SOUTH AFRICA South Africa has the biggest and most high profile HIV epidemic in the world, with an estimated 7.1 million people living with HIV in 2016. One third of all new infections in the region in 2016 were in one country: South Africa. In the same year, there were 270,000 new […]

  • SA hooligans proportional represented

    Former deputy higher education and training minister Mduduzi Manana.  South Africa’s national cabinet includes thieves, or rather, it did until recently contain at least one. That person was Mduduzi Manana, at the time the woman-beating deputy minister of higher education, who is now revealed to be a shoplifter too. Evidence in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court […]

  • Water has depleted from the coffers of aquifers in SA, why?

    Weather conditions are detoriorating in South Africa and we should expect even worse. Severe drought consequences, are still prevalent around all parts of South Africa. Farmers has borne full brunt of drought as their live stock and fresh produce have been affected. When scientists alerted that South Africa is running out of water a couple […]

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